• 1 Universiti Teknologi MARA
ASM Science Journal, 2013;7(2):113-117.


Nowadays, construction and demolition waste has become a major issue to environmental problems faced by many countries. This concern comes from the inefficiencies of waste management which includes the waste generated from construction and demolition activities. In Malaysia, there is a lack of database records on construction waste and this has affected proper management planning of the waste. As there is a lack of policy on construction waste management, control on construction waste disposal is very hazy and this has aggravated environmental problems and exhausted landfill usage and increased illegal dumping. This paper reviews the critical issues on construction waste management and also discusses several estimation models on construction waste generation from several countries. Based on the review, most of the countries faced problems regarding construction waste management and the models developed were considered as one of the methods which could be adopted for better management of construction wastes.