Malays J Nutr, 1999;5(1):-.


This study was carried out to determine the nutritional status of 16 elite netball players of the Commonwealth Games 1998, during centralised training at Bukit Jalil. The mean age of the subjects was 21.1 ± 3.1 year. The physical characteristics were assessed through antropometric measurements. The dietary intake was estimated as a mean of 3-days weighed food record while the physical activity pattern was determined by time and motion study which was carried out simultaneously. A biochemical analysis test was carried out to evaluate the haemoglobin status of the athletes. The results indicated that the mean body weight and height were 62.5 ± 7.9 kg and 1.69 ± 0.06 meter, respectively. The percentage average body fat of the subjects was 23.7 ± 2.8. Mean energy intake was recorded as 2726 ± 507 kcal/day while energy expenditure was 3225 ± 409 kcal/d with a negative energy balance of 499 kcal. The contribution of calories from carbohydrate, protein and fat were 59%, 16% and 26%, respectively. Intake of most micronutrients was sufficient and met the Malaysian RDA. The percentage average of the daily physical activity pattern revealed that 74% was spent for light activities, 12% for moderate while 14% for heavy activities. 94% of the athletes took supplements which vitamin C was the most popular (64%).