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Most conventional power plants require a turbine as conversion system from various
working fluid like water, gas, steam and wind into mechanical energy that will be used to generate
electricity. In future, the forecast energy usage is higher and thus, to compensate this, the power plant
needs high efficiency of turbine to extract maximum quantity of energy from the working fluid.
Therefore, various improvements on turbine technology has been done and studied. There are four
common type of turbine which is hydraulic turbine, gas turbine, wind turbine and steam turbine that
will reviewed in this paper. Each turbine was differentiating based on their working fluid and different
type of turbine has their own efficiency. There is some parameter that affects the turbine efficiency like
the turbine component, the characteristic of working fluid, materials used, cooling invention and many
more. There is also some future development in progress to enhance the turbine efficiency and thus
increase the amount of electricity produce. The aims for this review paper is to find out the common
type of turbine used in power plant as different power plant needs different type of turbine. About 46
published studies (1939-2016) are reviewed in this paper. By reviewing others research studies
worldwide, this review paper can be taken as a guideline in future regarding to common type of turbines
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