• 1 Universiti Putra Malaysia


Fruit industries require convenient peeling method, especially during puree processing to prevent deterioration of fruit quality and product loss. Therefore, manual, chemical (sodium hydroxide/NaOH) and enzymatic (Pectinex Ultra SP-L) peeling methods were compared to determine the peeling efficiencies of ‘Chok Anan’ mangoes. The effect of different peeling parameters (concentrations [chemical peeling: 1.6-7.3% of 0.4M-1.83M; enzymatic peeling: 0.005-0.095%], temperatures [chemical peeling: 80-95oC; enzymatic peeling: 25-40°C], and duration of soaking [chemical peeling: 5-10 min; enzymatic peeling: 30-120 min]) were evaluated for peeling yield, peeling time, absorption of chemical and enzyme solution, the penetration depth of NaOH and enzyme activities (reducing sugar analysis). The enzymatic peeling had significantly (p0.05) in peeling yield (>86%), but there was significant (p