• 1 Riau University
ASM Science Journal, 2018;11(1):23-31.


The main purpose of this study is to determine shoreline change in Bengkalis Cape, Riau Province, Indonesia using sediment samples analysis, satellite images, and oceanographic parameters. The samples were collected at five stations by using sediment grab and oceanographic observation was also carried out at each station in November 2015. The southern part of Bengkalis Cape is characterised by fine-grain sediments (mud) and high rate of accretion that reaches 29.77 metre/year, and is influenced by weak tidal currents with a velocity of less than 0.06 m/s and low wave energy. In contrast, the northern part is occupied by coarse-grain sediments (sand) which is characterised by high rate of abrasion as shown in the image data for 20 years; 1995-2015 reaches 38.02 metre/year, and is under the influence of strong tidal current (0.16 m/s) and high wave energy. The major contributing factor for the shoreline change is the current system which flowing from Malacca strait to the shore area and sediments deposition in the area.