• 1 Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan
  • 2 International Islamic University Malaysia


The human foot serves as an important part to support
the body weight and accounts for the majority of our
movements. A mangled limb involves injury to at least
three out of four systems, namely the soft tissues, nerves,
blood supply and bone. While amputation is indicated in
some cases of mangled limb, with proper planning, limb
salvaging surgical management is also a viable option.
Special consideration to the skeletal stabilization, control
of infection, vascular status and soft tissue coverage is
paramount to the success of limb salvaging surgery. We
present a case of mangled limb which was successfully
treated with limb salvaging surgical management. Initial
debridement, Kirschner wires insertion and cross ankle
external fixation were used for skeletal stabilization. An
antibiotic spacer was inserted for local antibiotic and to
maintain the length left due to the loss of medial and
intermediate cuneiform bones. The anterior tibialis
artery and its venae comitantes were utilized for free
vascularized fibular graft to provide bony reconstruction
as well as soft tissue coverage for the mangled foot.