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Background: Technological diversity management in the manufacturing of advanced medical devices is
essential. The manufacturing industries of medical devices should act in accordance with the technical
guidelines and regulations in order to ensure best practices with the use of devices in hospitals
Aim: To explore safety hazards, cost implications, and social and ethical standards to be considered during
the manufacturing of advanced medical devices
Subject and Methods: Aqualitative descriptive study was used. There was no targeted sample in the current
study whereby secondary data were used to explore the research topic. Secondary sources were obtained
from databases including EBSCOHOST, PubMed, ProQuest, Science Direct, and Google Scholar. Peerreviewed
articles, journals, books, conference proceedings, and other web publications were used to gather
relevant data.
Results: The current study indicated that the technological diversity management of advanced medical
devices is associated with safety hazards like security threats, integrity problems, and medical errors. The
study also showed that high cost of standardizations, supply, and purchase of advanced medical devices is a
huge burden faced by the manufacturers andusers. The study showed that the regulation of the medical
devices, certification, and post-market surveillanceare essential social and ethical considerations during the
manufacturing process of the new medical devices.
Conclusion: The current study explored the technological diversity of advanced medical devices. It is
evident in the current study that technology diversity of medical devices is associated with safety hazards
and cost implications. The study disclosed that taking into account social and ethical issues aid in
manufacturing safe and high quality medical devices.