• 1 Universiti Putra Malaysia


The present research sought to examine the teamwork performance among AIM microcredit
participants based on Tuckman (1965) model. Hence, the author elaborates the level of teamwork
process such as forming, norming, storming and performing in a group among AIM participant in
Daerah Hulu Langat. The AIM is replication of the Grameen Bank approach in Malaysia and the
teamwork concept was apply which is the scheme must be apply in a group and not in individual. Selfadministrative
questionnaire was applied to conduct a data collection and a sample of 160 respondents
among participant from Sungai Gabai, Sungai Ramal, Sungai Chua, Sungai Tangkas, Bukit Mewah,
Semenyih and Sungai Jelok in Kajang were chosen based on stratified and simple random sampling
techniques to complete the survey. Researcher suggests the finding indicate that the high level stage in
teamwork process is forming, storming and performing stage. Only norming stage was in moderate
level. Consequently, high and positive teamwork resulted efficiencies in the microfinance group.
Teamwork with the right process can achieved positive outcome among AIM microcredit participants.