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  1. Yasmin Yaccob, Mohd Ibrani Shahrimin Adam Assim
    At the youth stage, they psychologically have their own strength which later will contribute to their self
    potential. The Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda (ARP) is a self development program which
    prepares the youth in facing the adolescent and adulthood challenges and finds their own potentials. As
    such, this study is to assess the youth’s social psychological construct which is the behaviour, as the
    self development element in the ARP based on the Theory of the Planned Behaviour as the study
    model. And, adapt the social psychology needs based on the youth potential development theory and
    model which is in line with the needs of the youth today. Previous studies that have been conducted support these findings. Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) has been widely used in various studies to
    predict the behaviour (Connere, Jones & Berg, 2010) in population include the youth (Baker
    & White, 2010). The antecedent of the planned behaviour study focused on the formation of
    attitudes in youth behaviour. This study has important implications to the theoretical, practical and
    policy towards youth potential development program.
  2. Noorfadhila Zakaria, Zanariah Ismail
    Conflicts that occur due to overlap between work and family matters are important topics in today’s
    organizational context. Work-family conflict can be defined as a form of role conflict where the
    demands of work and family cannot be aligned in several ways. Some previous studies have mentioned
    that work-family conflicts negatively affect individuals such as emotional fatigue that ultimately lead
    to stress and disturb the psychological well-being. From that perspective, social support can help to
    reduce the stressful experience that is caused by work-family conflicts and improve the psychological
    There are two elements of social support originating from (1) work domain support; such
    as organization, supervisor and co-workers whereas, (2) non-work domain supports: can come from
    spouse, family members and friends. Thus, these two elements of social support seemed to be
    important elements to ease the burden of stressful experience among employees especially in workfamily
  3. Cheam, Chai Li, Ong, S.C.
    Understanding undergraduates’ environmental behaviour is important as they will be the leaders of the
    country in the near future. They play an important role in protecting and conserving the environment.
    This paper investigates the undergraduates’ behaviours towards the environment after completing the
    Environment Economics course. Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) together with some other factors
    such as academic performance, government regulations and perceived importance of nature are
    employed. Multiple regression analysis shows undergraduates’ behaviours is positively affected by
    attitude and perceived importance of nature, and negatively influenced by government regulations.
    Although academic performance is very important to provide an understanding of basic principles of
    environmental sustainability, it however does not significantly influence their environmental
    behaviour. The finding hopes to assist the policy makers to plan future strategies so that the
    undergraduates behaviours can make a difference to nature and the environment.
  4. Rita Mardhatillah Umar Rauf, Fauzila Abdul Latif
    This study evaluates the level of music performance anxiety (MPA) using the Kenny Music
    Performance Anxiety Inventory (K-MPAI). Participants are tertiary students from Malaysian
    universities (Universiti Teknologi MARA UiTM, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris UPSI and
    ASWARA). The objective of the study was to measure the level of MPA by Kenny Music
    Performance Anxiety Inventory (K-MPAI). The survey was distributed to 316 randomly selected
    respondents representing semester one to semester five (UiTM), semester one to semester six (UPSI)
    and semester one to semester seven (ASWARA) participants. The data were analysed using SPSS
    version 22 software to obtain frequencies and percentages. The KMPAI (Cronbach’s a .882) was
    reliable and valid for this sample. Normality test, reliability test and frequencies for demographic was
    demonstrated by significant positive effect to measure the level of MPA. These results support the use
    of this instrument as a screening tool for MPA in young musicians.
  5. Mohamed Khairi Termizi, Mazlan Ismail
    The multiple ownership status of the Malay Reservation Land (MRL) has existed since its
    establishment by the British colonialist through the Malay Reserves Enactment 1913. The main factor
    of the multiple ownership status was due to the continuous process of land inheritance from generation
    to next. This situation has given negative implications in the development of the land. This article
    discusses the issue of developing the multiple ownership of Malay Reserve Land. Data collection is
    conducted by semi-structured interview to the Perak Tengah District Officer and a number of
    landowners involved in MRL’s multiple ownership. The qualitative data analysis shows that the
    multiple ownership of the MRL can trigger social relationship problems among land co-owners and
    subsequently create problems to develop them. It is proposed that co-owners be more tolerant and
    willing to develop their land in joint venture scheme or develop individually through the process of
    land partition. In order to resolve the difficulty of obtaining financing, landowners must ensure that the
    development project is competitive and implemented within the local development zone.
  6. Mohamad Izzuan Mohd Ishar, Mohd Khata Jabor
    The existence of the gap between the expectation of culinary students and the realities of the job
    market has led the students to face the obstacles to entering or continuing their career in the same
    industry. As such, entrepreneurship is one of the best approaches in educating culinary students to
    prepare for any possible after graduation. However, there are no guidelines for determining and
    measuring the entrepreneurial level of culinary students. Therefore, this research aims to identify the
    elements of entrepreneurship in culinary. The results of this research is a culinary entrepreneurial
    framework. Side of this research is to build a measurement instrument of culinary entrepreneurship
    level and to produce culinary entrepreneurship profiles for culinary students. This research uses
    qualitative method in the first phase through document analysis and interviews with graduates and
    culinary entrepreneurs. At the end of the study, it will acquire a culinary entrepreneurial framework
    that is also used to produce an entrepreneurship measurement instrument in the second phase of
  7. Lai, Evonne Eng Fei, Han, Crispina Gregory K.
    The study entitled ‘The relationship of principals’ leadership and school climate with teachers’
    motivation among the secondary school teachers was held in Sri Aman, Sarawak. A total of 188
    respondents were selected through random sampling method. It is a quantitative research completed by
    using questionnaires. Principals’ leadership has been measured using the Leadership Behavior
    Description Questionnaire (LBDQ), while the school climate was measured by using the School-Level
    Environment Questionnaire (SLEQ). A measuring instrument Questionnaire Measure of Individual
    Differences in Achieving Tendecy (QMAT) was used to measure the level of teachers’ motivation. The
    Cronbach’s Alpha values for the three questionnaires were .926, .747 and .792. The study found that
    the level of principals’ leadership, school climate and teachers’ motivation are high. The findings have
    shown that there is no significant differences between principals based on academic qualifications and teaching experience, school climate based on academic qualifications, teachers’ motivation existed
    based on professional qualifications and teaching experiences. However, there is significant difference
    school climate based on teaching experience. The results also indicated that there is a weak positive
    relationship between principals’ leadership and teachers’ motivation (r=.206, p
  8. Ibrahim H, Jarimal N
    This paper is based on literature review on the legal, political and social context of Malaysia regarding child welfare and social work. Children are an asset and younger generations will become the leaders of the country in future. In the Malaysian context, a variety of factors impact on how children are defined. These include the Islamic perspective, local cultural practices, approaches based on biological growth and relevant legislation. Such varying definitions can cause confusion in the application of law and could result in injustice. When talking regarding the social problems concerning children in Malaysia, there include abuse, neglect, abandonment of babies, street children, children beyond parental control, children involved with crime, underage marriage, prostitution and child trafficking.However, the shortage of professional social workers who can effectively manage abuse and child neglect cases is a serious problem.
  9. Patonah Zakaria, Amna Md. Noor, Azlina Mohd Khir
    The main purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between self-concept, family
    relationship quality and externalizing behavior problem (aggressive behavior and delinquency
    behavior) among adolescents in Selangor. Besides that, this study also to determine the level of selfconcept,
    family relationship quality and externalizing behavior among secondary school students as
    well as to compare the differences between these three variables according to sex. A total of 400
    students (nmale =53%, nfemale=47%) from secondary schools were selected in this study. The multi-stage
    cluster sampling technique was used during sample selection. Data were obtained from selfadministered
    questionnaire that are consist of Individual Protective Factors Index Questionnaire
    (1992), Family Relationship Characteristics (1997), Aggression Scale (2001) and Problem Behavior
    Frequency Scale (1977). The findings revealed that majority of students have moderate level of selfconcept,
    family relationship quality as well as externalizing behavior. In terms of sex differences, the
    results showed that family belief, family structure and externalizing behavior have significant
    differences according to sex (t= -4.393 to 7.588, p
  10. Julianah Saguni, Puteri Hayati Megat Ahmad, Guan, Teik Ee
    Unemployment issue is becoming a factor which causes relapses especially among former drug addicts
    that has undergone rehabilitation. Therefore, this paperwork seek to unfold and discuss degree of
    relationships between introvert and extrovert personality with career interest according to six RIASEC
    major field to drug addicts. Research objective are to identify the relationship between introvert and
    extrovert personality with career interest among drug addicts in Sabah. Most of the respondent in
    treatment center has no knowledge about their own personality in career development especially after
    finishing treatment thus causing relapse due to failure of getting the right employment for themselves.
    It is considered serious due to economic and life instability are one of the factor which contribute to
    relapse among drug addicts. Occupation or career selection are constantly highlighted as one of the
    major problem in former drug addict life. This shows that a careful career selection needs to be done. Career process are also continuous process of involvement to help self-development especially in line
    of job they do. Therefore, it is hopeful that this research could give valuable impact and use to drug
    addicts rehabilitation authority with implementation of career guidance to clients hence assisting them
    in making effective career choice in the future.
  11. How, Cherish, Jariah Mohd Jan
    Students from foster care are highly known for their poor performance in school and retention in grade.
    Nevertheless, female students in general achieve better academic results than male students. Studies on
    gendered differences among foster children seem to be scarce. Therefore, this study examines the use
    of linguistics features among male and female foster children in expressing their needs to improve their
    academic performance. For this purpose, semi-structured interview questions are used to gather data
    from foster children in Malaysia. The narratives elicited from the interviews are qualitatively analysed
    using content analysis approach. The data reveal that the use of adjectives, direct statements and
    accusation are common in the responses of both male and female foster children. However, the female
    foster children are more expressive in their responses as intensifying adverbs were frequently used
    when highlighting concern on their poor academic performance. Female foster children’s willingness
    to share problems and concern about their academic performance makes it easier for the teachers to
    assist. The male foster children, in contrast, tend to use denial as a strategy to conceal their problems
    and avoid displaying any signs of weaknesses. Ultimately, not voicing their problems may result in the
    lack of awareness amongst teachers and making it challenging for them to attend to the academic needs
    of these children.
  12. Jaggil Apak, Muhamad Suhaimi Taat
    This study was aimed at identifying the relationship of teachers’ creativity fostering behaviour with 21st
    century classroom management among teachers in normal daily government-aided secondary schools
    in Sabah, Malaysia. The non-experimental study utilised the observation method by combining several
    variable sampling techniques to obtain samples. Data was collected through a set of adapted
    questionnaires administered to 439 teachers. The data were analysed using the IBM SPSS Statistical
    21.0 software. Descriptive and inferential statistics such as percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test,
    and Pearson correlation were used to analyse the data to answer the research questions. Descriptive
    analysis teachers’ creativity fostering behaviour and 21st century classroom management being
    practised at a high level. Findings of the study also showed a significant difference in the min score of
    teachers’ creativity fostering behaviour and 21st century classroom management according to gender.
    Pearson correlation test indicated a moderate positive linear relationship for teachers’ creativity
    fostering behaviour with 21st century classroom management. The implications and suggestions for
    further study are also discussed.
  13. Muhammad Dhamir Audi Azizul, Wan Munira Wan Jaafar, Azlina Mohd Khir
    This social psychology study sought to understand how the inability of former drug addicts controlling
    interpersonal conflict that occurs in the community resulted in relapse or back to their addiction. A
    qualitative phenomenological approach was taken to conduct interviews with former drug addicts that
    are participating in a rehab program in Cure and Care Service Centre, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan,
    Malaysia. Eight informants were consented and interviewed. Purposive sampling was used and
    responses were analyzed thematically. These themes included the issue of labeling drug addicts as
    convicts, isolation from the community and restricted from participating in community-based
    programs. Researcher suggests related agencies to work with rehabilitation officers in restructuring the
    rehabilitation learning module and improve the interpersonal conflict management module. Therefore,
    it is hoped that in the future, former drug addicts would be capable to manage interpersonal conflict
    and simultaneously avoid from recidivism in addiction.
  14. Muhd Dhamir Audi Azizul, Azlina Mohd Khir, Wan Munira Wan Jaafar
    Relapse is a common phenomenon among former addicts who has undergone a preventive and rehabilitation treatment program. Relaps is a condition of using drugs more than one times after stopping them for a certain period of time depending on one's resistance to a drug withdrawal syndrome. There are various factors that affect the former drug addicts became relaps. Hence, the focus of this study is to explain the external factors of relaps among adult male drug addicts in Cure and Care Service Centre, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. This study is a qualitative research that has been using a phenomenology approach using face-to-face interviews and further observation among eight drug addicts who are undergoing rehabilitation programs at CCSC Kuala Pilah. Sample selection was done through purposive sampling techniques and data were analyzed using thematic analysis through an inductive approach that focused on coding to obtain some key themes. The result of the study indicates the external factors such as family, peer and environmental factors play a great role in influencing of relapse. In conclusion, these identified factors illustrate the external influences that cause drug addicts to relapse. Therefore, the researcher proposes a post-rehabilitation module or program done by the responsible agencies after the addicts completed the rehabilitation program as guidance for them to the right direction for efficient recovery.
  15. Ayu Nor Azilah Mohamad, Mohamed Ali Haniffa, Wayu Nor Asikin Mohamad
    This article discusses the impact of plurality on Malaysia-Singapore relations after the formation of
    Malaysia on September 16, 1963. The establishment of the Federation of Malaysia agreement was
    signed in London on July 8, 1963 by the representatives of the British government, the Federation of
    Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. All parties agreed to the change in name from Federation of
    Malaya to Malaysia. The declaration of Malaysia was made on September 16, 1963 simultaneously
    throughout the country. This study uses secondary sources and library research methods. The findings
    show that Singapore's existence in Malaysia was seen to have raised racial issues leading to the
    separation of Singapore from Malaysia on August 9, 1965. Ethnic-related problems need to be
    addressed wisely in order to not be a threat to racial relations among the plural society in Malaysia.
  16. Aswadi Mohamad, Zaitul Azma Zainon Hamzah
    This article focuses in structure of language within the village society in Manik Urai Kelantan during
    the flood situation. The research was specifically to identify the structure of Speech Act use by the rural
    community to give information about flood. Besides, this research observes the application of
    linguistics methodology during flood situation using Speech Act Theory which is the categorization of
    Speech Act by Searle (1969). This theory was choose for the ability to detail linguistic's differences
    based on the structure of Speech Act categories such as representatives, directives, commissives,
    expresives and declaratives. For the purpose of the research, a video about flood situation was choose
    and transcribe to observe the the structure of speech act within the village society in the flood situation.
    The result of the research shows all Speech Act have their structure. The beneficial of this research is as
    a guideline and reference for the readers and language researchers especially those who were active
    participant of volunteer field.
  17. Ricky Yakub Ganang, Wong, Jane Kon Ling, Ganesan, Kavitha
    Buayehor crocodile plays a very important role in the life of the Lundayeh society. Their belief in buayeh,which is a ferocious river reptile, has been with them since their existence for hundreds of years. During the headhunting period the animal symbolised an enemy that was defeated. On the other hand the crocodile also symbolises strength, heroism, fame andwealth. For instance, among the Lundayeh people, strength is when a person succeeds in chopping and bringing an enemy’s head after a war or headhunting expedition and is highly regarded as a hero and a grand celebration is held to welcome him. The whole community would participate in building a crocodile image made of earth where they would perform the fekuab,a heroic song which was led by a woman, followed by the warrior’s relatives and followers. The warrior and the hero of the day would then boast and recite a self-proclamation about his fame by cutting the effigy with a sword felefetwith all his might. In the case of wealth, only a man who succeeded in farming was able to build a huge Ulung Buayehor crocodile mound in the heath forest. In this paper therefore I will examine the manifestation of the quality of life for the Lundayeh people as elements of strength, heroism, fame and wealth which are represented in the oral literature through the image of buayeh.
  18. Mohamed Shahrizan Abu Bakar, Khairuddin Idris, Zoharah Omar, Siti Normaliz Othman
    The mediation of moral disengagement is seldom used as a mechanism in determining the relationship
    between abusive supervision and deviant behavior. Integration of Moral Disengagement Theory, Social
    Exchange Theory and past research findings, a model is developed which shows abusive supervision
    will increase possibility of individual involved in deviant behavior which directly will affect individual
    or organization or both. This model shows how the integration obtained from the literature review
    between variables which are abusive supervision, moral disengagement and deviant behavior are able
    to explore and give understanding towards individual’s deviant behavior in an organization. This
    understanding will help organization to conduct an intervention to overcome deviant behavior issue in
    an organization.
  19. Ang, Kean Hua
    Methodology is compulsory in research study that involve with the process of design,
    application, and analysis. The literature review was conducted to describe the relationship of
    sampling area, sample size, and determination of the measurement scale. The sample size can
    be determined through formula (or equation). When sample size are applied in sampling area,
    probability and non-probability sampling will be involve in determining the quantity and
    quality of data collection for research. Random probability sampling is divided into simple
    random, systematic, stages random, various stages random, and grouping; while nonprobability
    sampling can be divided into chance, aimed, quota, snowball, dimensional, critical cases, and maximum variation. Next, the measurement scale can be determined through
    normal, ordinal interval and ratio in questionnaire or interview, which all four scales will be
    determine measurements such as Likert scale, Thurstone scale, Guttman scale, and the
    difference procedures of Sematics scale in carrying out an analysis research. Therefore, the
    sample size and sampling area, and also the choice of measurement scale is important in the
    methodology for smoothing and accelerating the process of collecting and gathering data.
  20. Arbiah Maddahiri, Mohd Khairuddin Abdullah @ Jerry, Musirin Mosin, Mohammad Haafiz Ahmid, Hairi Asul
    LINUS is a program implemented by the Ministryof Education Malaysia (MOE) in Primary schools through out Malaysia. LINUS is an acronym for Literacy and Numeracy Screening which aims to increase the level of basic literacy and numeracy Among Level One (Year 1) pupils. The purpose of this studyi stoe xamine the teacher's teaching practices of LINUS-Literacy in Bahasa Malaysia. Based on the Theory of Behaviorism and Theory of Jean Piaget, LINUS teachers need tobe Innovative by utilizing techniques that match the LINUS pupils' ability in order to help The low ability pupils in mastering basic literacy skills. Data collection in this study Includes questionnaire, document analysis and observation; this researchuses Qualitative approach. The results of this study are expected to provide in put to Teachers who are teaching LINUS-Literacy in Bahasa Malaysia.
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