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  1. Ahmad Shah Pakeer Mohamed, Nazariah Osman, Mohamad Faisol Keling
    Kerajaan Malaysia telah memberikan penumpuan terhadap aspek keselamatan dan pembangunan
    pertahanan sejak dari kemerdekaan negara lagi. Pada ketika ini, ancaman yang dihadapi oleh negara
    adalah melibatkan dua bentuk ancaman iaitu ancaman dari dalam negara dan ancaman dari luar negara.
    Kebanyakkan negara khususnya di rantau Asia Tenggara telah mencapai kemerdekaan di antara tahun
    1950-an dan 1960-an. Sebagai sebuah negara yang juga boleh dikategorikan juga baru mencapai
    kemerdekaan, negara-negara di rantau Asia Tenggara ini tidak lari dari menghadapi pelbagai ancaman
    yakni ancaman dari sudut dalaman negara seperti ancaman pemberontakan komunis semasa insurgensi,
    konflik etnik, ketidakstabilan politik, rusuhan kaum, masalah perpaduan dan sebagainya telah menjadi
    faktor yang juga telah mempengaruhi perbentukan Dasar Pertahanan Negara (DPN). Manakala
    ancaman dari sudut luar seperti persempadan, persaingan kuasa besar antara Amerika Syarikat dan
    Kesatuan Soviet semasa perang dingin yang juga menyebabkan berlakunya ketidakstabilan politik,
    konflik dan peperangan di rantau Asia Tenggara, persaingan ideologi, ketegangan hubungan dan
    konflik hubungan antara negara, ancaman terrorisme dan pemberontakan serta sebagainya telah
    mempengaruhi dan memaksa negara Malaysia untuk membangun serta memodenkan sistem pertahanan
  2. Ahmad Shah Pakeer Mohamed, Nazariah Osman, Mohamad Faisol Keling
    “Fenomena anarki” telah mempengaruhi kebanyakan negara untuk memberikan tumpuan dan
    perhatian terhadap pembangunan Angkatan ketenteraan bagi menjamin keselamatan untuk tujuan
    kelangsungan hidup. Manakala merujukkan kepada teori neo-realisme, teori ini mengatakan dilema
    keselamatan sebagai situasi yang sentiasa ada ancaman yang cuba untuk menggugat keselamatan
    negara mahupun ianya dari bentuk unsur ancaman tradisional mahupun dari unsur dari ancaman bukan
    dari tradisional. Akibat dari senario keselamatan dan sifat anarki dalam sistem antarabangsa, keadaan
    ini akan menyebabkan negara perlu bergantung pada diri sendiri untuk kelangsungan hidup. Ini
    merujuk kepada konsep self help atau self reliance di mana setiap negara mempunyai kepentingan
    negara mereka tersendiri dalam meneruskan kelangsungan hidup dalam sistem antarabangsa. Melihat
    dari sudut Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM,) perspektif pembangunan dan pemodenan ATM semasa
    era Perang Dingin dan Pasca Perang Dingin ternyata mempunyai perubahan yang signifikan di mana
    pembangunan ATM sebelum tahun 1990 lebih bersifat konvensional dan pasca Perang Dingin
    memperlihatkan pembangunan ATM bersifat lebih strategik.

  3. Fatin Fazrida Peros Khan, Nasrudin Mohammed, Nor Hafizah Mohamed Harith
    Telecommuting refers to the work option that enables telecommuters to work outside of the office. It
    allows telecommuters to have a direct contact with those inside and outside of the organization by
    using information and communication technologies. Despite the continuous effort by Malaysia’s
    government, the implementation and occurrence of telecommuting practice in Malaysia had not gained
    full support from many local companies. Consequently, the Malaysian workforce has suffered from
    low-level performance and poor productivity due to the lack of flexibility in task accomplishment.
    Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate whether the impacts of telecommuting
    engagement (i.e. job autonomy, work-family balance, work productivity, and level of occupational
    stress) lead to employee’s performance. This research aims to identify the most dominant impact of
    telecommuting engagement that leads to the employee performance. The study has adopted a
    correlational research and cross-sectional survey research design to explore the relationship between
    variables. There were 229 respondents who practice telecommuting work arrangement. They were
    chosen from 11 oil and gas companies located in Kuantan, Pahang. The findings of the study had
    revealed that all of the telecommuting impacts which consists of the job autonomy, work-family
    balance, work productivity and level of occupational stress have a significant relationship with the
    employee performance at r = .923, p < 0.05, r = .734, p < 0.05, r = .817, p < 0.05, and r = .408, p < 005
    respectively. Job autonomy was found the most dominant impact of telecommuting engagement that
    leads to the employee performance with r = .923, p < 0.05. The positive experiences and knowledge
    possessed by the telecommuters in the oil and gas industry helped to increase the level of motivation
    and maintain the good mental and physical state of employees. The exercise of the proper balance
    between the personal and professional life could guarantee the high employees’ performance among
    the telecommuters. Hence, it is suggested for the government to promote and develop more appropriate
    policies regarding telecommuting practice in Malaysia. The purpose is to enhance the level of
    acceptance towards the work arrangement among the local society. Moreover, the active approaches by
    the government can stimulate the implementation of telecommuting in this country as people will have
    more proper guidelines to assist the work practices. Telecommuting work arrangement helps to achieve
    excellent performance in an organization.
  4. Md Jais Ismail, Rorlinda Yusuf, Loo, Fung Chiat
    Previous studies approved that not all lesson activities are suitable for gifted and talented students.
    This study is designed to identify what are the proper musical activities that can fill the needs of gifted
    and talented students in Malaysia. The research sample is among gifted and talented students from the
    whole Malaysia who are studying in Pusat PERMATApintar Negara. Result in this study may be used
    as reference for educators who want to teach music on gifted and talented children, so that educators
    may choose the right and effective activities to implement on those children. Therefore, the researcher
    collects data using Focus Group Discussion Techique,and Indepth Interview on gifted and talented
    children who had experienced music in formal class. Observation is also conducted in music classes in
    Pusat PERMATApintar Negara to identify their behavioral on the musical activities conducted. Result
    reveals that all the students believe the most proper musical activities are playing musical instruments, performance, music theory and singing. Teachers may attract students’ attention by using interactive
    learning apparatus, relates theory and practical, and justify the importance of music study.
  5. Kaviza, M.
    The purpose of this study is to examine the level of readiness amongstudents in terms of knowledge,
    skills and attitudes in using historical resources as history teaching and learning materials in secondary
    schools. The design of this study is a quantitative research that uses survey method involving a total of
    521 form four students from secondary schools using simple random sampling technique. The
    questionnaire are used in this study which has been verified by the content expert dan has a good
    realiability value. The data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as MONOVA
    and Correlation Pearson using "IBM SPSS Statistics”version 24.The findings of this study indicate that
    the level of readiness amongsecondary history students in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes in
    using historical resources as teaching and learning materials are at moderate level. Beside that, school
    location influences the level of readiness and there a relationship between levels of readiness with
    school location among students.Implication of this study can help history teachers know the level of their student knowledge, skills and attitudes toward using historical sources before carrying out in their
  6. Sharifah Darmia Sharif Adam
    This paper discusses the roles and challenges of the national language, which is Malay as a language in
    uniting the various ethnic groups in Sabah. On September 16, 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was
    officially declared which comprised of the Malay States, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. In line with
    that, the special provisions on the national language in Sabah are contained in Article 161 of the
    national constitution. Although the provision of the constitution clarify that Sabah was given a 10-year
    period to use Malay and English as the official languages but later on September 16, 1973 the Malay language was declared the sole official language for the state of Sabah. Hence, various efforts have
    been made by the government to ensure the national language can play its role as a language that can
    unite the various ethnic groups in Sabah. However, ethnic diversity with their own ethnic mother
    tongue languages has resulted in the Malay language as a national language as well as the language of
    unity to face many challenges. Therefore, the discussion in this paper is focused on policies undertaken
    by the government to strengthen the national language in various fields in Sabah and the challenges
    faced by the national language to foster unity among the various ethnic communities in the state. This
    study was conducted using a qualitative analysis approach and used archive study methods as well as
    library study to obtain research information sources. This study will produce an analysis that can be
    used as a reference to improve or formulate policies particularly in matters that benefit in strengthening
    the multi-ethnic communities in Sabah.
  7. Siti Zaleha Ibrahim, Yama, Phayilah, Yama, Phayilah
    There are a few types of expenditures in Malay wedding. Hence, this research reports on wedding
    expenditures practice by Malay in Malaysia. Some of the wedding expenditures practiced by Malay are
    bride price and invitation cards. Through extensive observation, it can be said that the society often
    confuses between the bride price (hantaran) with marriage settlement (mas kahwin). Besides that,
    society also prefers to organize a grandeur wedding to the extent that the wedding becomes a burden on
    them. This research also discusses how a small bride price and a decent wedding can fulfill one of the
    maqasid al-syariah which is preserving one’s possession. Researchers use library research as the
    primary method to obtain information on the origin and value of bride price (hantaran kahwin) in ‘urf
    Melayu, and the analysis on wedding expenditures promoted by Islamic religion. Research findings
    show that Islamic religion does not forbid cultural wedding expenditures, however, it must be
    moderate, considerate, and is not burdening.
  8. Suhaili Abdul Rahman, Kamarulnizam Abdullah
    As one of the states within the Federation of Malaysia, Sabah has inherited the characteristics of a
    developing country’s security management. The threats are not only driven by external but also from
    internal sources. As such, this article analyzes threats to Sabah's security predicaments. By using the
    National Security Theory of Developing Countries and Securitization Theory as the basis for
    discussion, the article explores and discusses how Sabah's security management have been influenced
    by several variables such as local political influences, federal-state relations, and societal’s state
    loyalty. The article concludes that Sabah’s security threats have been securitised by local political and
    community leaders. But, the success of securitising the threats depend on how security actors at the
    federal level are convinced with the omnipresent threats.
  9. Abigail, Dan-mallam Yakubu, Dulzalani Eden, Awang Ideris
    Negotiation is a crucial tool for resolving a dispute. The outcome of every negotiation relies heavily on
    the negotiation strategies of the parties involved, the exchange of information and their characters
    during the negotiation process. Considering distributive approach, the negotiators are more interested
    in the maximization of personal achievements as they are not concern in collective or joint success with
    their partners. One of the key requirements for the integrative strategy is cooperation between the
    negotiators while distributive strategy is purely for a competitive approach. These two types of
    strategies distributive and integrative are in relation to the behavior and attitudes negotiators normally
    display in a negotiation table: cooperative and competitive. The reason why negotiators commonly
    used cooperative and competitive strategies are mentioned in this paper, distributive and integrative
    strategies are also summarized. Follow by possible solution of overcoming the negotiation challenges
    is discussed.
  10. Norsimah Dasan, Rathakrishnan, Balan, Norkiah Arsat, Mohd.Mahadzir Rahimi Mohamed Nawi
    This study aimed to examine the influence of self-regulation as mediator of internet behavior and
    perceptions of risky sexual behavior among public university students. The method used is by survey.
    The research tools used include the Persepsi Tingkah laku Seksual Berisiko, the Internet Sex Screening
    Test, and the Adolescent Self-Regulation Inventory. The sample consisted of 882 Public University
    students selected using simple random sampling techniques. The collected data were analyzed using
    SPSS 25.0 package. The result shows that self-regulation had a significant mediating effect on internet
    behavior on responding to risky sexual behavior. This effect can be identified primarily in one of the
    dimensions of online behavior, which is online sexual spending. The result obtained are very important
    to prove that self-regulation among students has a mediating effect on their behavior while surfing the internet with perceptions of risky sexual behavior. The results of the study can also enhance students'
    understanding and awareness of the role of self-regulation in defining goals and actions. Universities
    can use research information to design programs that enhance student self regulation as they are among
    the professional groups that inherit the nation's development.
  11. Zainora Daud, Muhammad Arif Musa, Siti Nor Azirah Mohd Riduan
    Research has shown that smoking has bad implications on smokers and society as a whole. For that
    matter, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOHM) have taken various initiatives through information
    technology and social media to educate the public and students about the negative effects of smoking.
    The objective of this study is to identify the level of awareness among students on factors which lead to
    smoking behaviour and the negative effects it has on society. This study was conducted on 228
    students at the Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies, Islamic Science University of Malaysia. The
    research is quantitative in nature using questionnaire method. The quantitative data were then analysed
    descriptively in Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) to obtain the frequency and percentage.
    The finding of the study shows that the level of students’ awareness on factors leading to smoking
    habit is at a satisfactory level. The students are aware that peers are the main contributing factor
    towards smoking habit. The level of awareness on the harmful effects of smoking is also at a
    satisfactory level. The students’ awareness is influenced by their field of study which is Islamic studies
    as well as their modest purchasing power considering their average family income range from RM1000
    to RM3000. The conclusion of the study is the importance to educate students on the harmful effects of
    smoking, as well as to maintain the level of awareness among them.
  12. Noor Azmira Mohamed, Nor Azlili Hassan
    The Malaysian Constitution has set Malay language as the official language of the country and the
    medium of teaching and learning (Noraien Mansor & Noor Rohana Mansor, 2013). The usage of the Malay language should not be disturbed as it becomes an important medium in establishing and
    strengthening the harmonious and unity of the Malaysian society. However, it is found today that the
    solidification of Malay language has continuously been challenged and undermined it as a national and
    unity language as a result of the influence and development of the world's new order which shows that
    the usage of English language has been prioritised in the field of education, employment and
    communication (Nor Hashimah Jalaluddin, 2010). The emphasis on the importance of science and
    technology as well as English language has been resulted in losing confidence towards the Malay
    language among some individuals including the non-Malay students from the private universities and
    those who are using English language as their learning medium. Furthermore, there is a group of
    students who are more convenience in using their mother tongues languages than the Malay language.
    This study aims to discuss the issue of the usage of Malay language in the private higher education
    institutions and to analyse the weaknesses in the usage of Malay language among the private university
    students. Hence, a study was conducted on 100 private university students by using random sampling
    methods. The findings reveal that the level of strengthening of Malay language among the private
    university students is moderate. This is due to the issues of Malay language usage in the private
    universities including the students' priorities on the English language, lacking of fluency in Malay
    language, lacking of co-operation and efforts among the lecturers and university management, lacking
    of emphasis on constitutional meanings and lacking of confidence on the status of Malay language.
    Thus, the scenario in strengthening the Malay language among the private university students should
    not be undervalued but need to be strengthened prior to the threat of destruction as Malay language has
    the greatest potential in various fields and this generation is able to shape the stability of social
    relations as well as the continuity of the Malay language in the Malaysian civilization.
  13. Ang, Kean Hua
    Accessible tourism is considered new-partially conceptual that being implemented in the tourism
    industry. This study carry out to investigate and to determine disabled people in engage with the
    tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur City. This study uses qualitative of face-to-face interview and
    quantitative of questionnaire survey. Five domains had been set for interview purposes, while
    questionnaire survey involved with two main parts, namely demographic profile and the experienced of
    disabled people in expose to tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur city. This questionnaire uses
    Thurstone scale and Likert scale. Complete collection data will be input using SPSS v.23 for analysis.
    The result indicates majority participants are positively agreed that infrastructure or services, as well as
    information map should be prepared in appropriated ways would increase the accessible tourism. The
    education also plays an important role that able to sustain the accessible tourism industry for longer
    term. Nevertheless, most of participants are partially disagreed in the facilities provided, which likely
    to refer to the public toilets and transportations, as well as hotels management that should serve
    specialty to disabled people. They do opinion that public facilities should be upgrade, as well as
    comment on the hotel staffs should undergo for training and behave friendlier attitude, which important
    to provide comfortable condition towards the disabled people. This study suggests disabled people
    have self-encouraged in engage with the tourism activities in Kuala Lumpur. At the same time, further
    study in exploratory, understandable, and predictable on accessible tourism are required, especially
    involved in the sub-urban and rural area that provide facilities and services for the tourism industry.
  14. Yusmady Md Junus, Abdul Qayyum Nazri, Nabilah Hanim Mohd Anuar, Noralvina Nazri, Rafiza Mohamed, Rosmiza Awang Noh
    Tujuan kajian ini dijalankan adalah untuk mengenalpasti secara terperinci tentang kursus kokurikulum
    berteraskan pembelajaran servis (CSL) dan kecenderungan pemilihan kursus mengikut persepktif
    pelajar diploma di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (UTMKL). Kepentingan dalam
    berkokurikulum sangat penting dalam mengukuhkan sifat insaniah dalam diri seorang pelajar yang
    cemerlang. Kajian ini melibatkan 406 responden daripada 1,904 jumlah populasi pelajar diploma
    UTMKL. Data dikumpul melalui instrumen borang soal selidik yang diedarkan kepada pelajar diploma
    UTMKL. Analisis kajian mendapati terdapat pelbagai jenis kokurikulum dibahagikan mengikut empat
    (4) kluster masing-masing yang dikenal pasti bagi objektif pertama. Objektif kedua pula adalah
    mengenal pasti kecenderungan pelajar terhadap pilihan kursus CSL ini. Didapati bahawa kursus yang
    berteraskan kesukarelawan mencatatkan kecenderungan yang paling tinggi. Manakala skor kursus
    Memanah dari kluster sukan, rekreasi dan kebudayaan pula mencatatkan skor pelajar yang paling tinggi
    kecerungan pelajarnya. Kesimpulannya, walaupun jumlah respondan hanya 21.32% dari bilangan
    populasi yang memberikan maklumbalas kepada kajian ini, namun ia dapat memberikan indikator
    kepada kecenderungan pemilihan kursus CSL mengikut persektif pelajar diploma UTMKL. Hasil
    daripada kajian ini boleh digunapakai dalam membuat perancangan penawaran kursus CSL mengikut
    pilihan dan kehendak pelajar.
  15. Suhairullah Omar Ramih, Roslee Bin Talip, Muhamad Suhaimi Taat
    Kajian yang dilakukan adalah bertujuan untuk melihat hubungan diantara peranan jurulatih dengan
    interaksi sosial dalam pendidikan luar. Seramai 113 responden telah terlibat di dalam kajian ini yang
    merupakan peserta yang hadir ke Pusat Kokurikulum Sabah. Kajian kuantitatif ini menggunakan
    instrumen soal selidik yang telah disesuaikan dengan iklim pendidikan luar Pusat Kokurikulum Sabah.
    Dapatan kajian menunjukkan nilai min bagi peranan jurulatih (4.40) dan interaksi sosial (4.23)
    mempunyai interpretasi pada tahap yang tinggi memandangkan ia berada dalam lingkungan nilai 4.01
    hingga 5.00. Manakala hasil korelasi menunjukkan terdapat hubungan positif yang kuat dan signifikan
    (r=0.524, k < 0.05). Justeru, dapatan kajian ini telah membawa kepada dua perkara iaitu bahagian teori
    yang menyokong keselarian teori mengenai peranan jurulatih dalam mencorakkan interaksi sosial,
    memahami dan membantu peserta meneruskan misi atau hala tuju dalam menyelesaikan sesebuah
    perkara. Manakala bahagian praktikalnya menjelaskan bahawa kemampuan campur tangan jurulatih
    dalam sesebuah program pendidikan luar akan membawa corak interaksi sosial yang bersifat lebih baik
    berbanding tanpa bantuan jurulatih.
  16. Noor' ain Mohamad Yunus, Syukrina Alini Mat Ali, Sri Fatiany Abdul Kader Jailani
    Malaysia is facing a shortage of blood supply despite blood donation campaigns and drives; the
    number of donors remains low. Understanding donors and potential donors will provide a basis to
    develop effective approaches of reaching them. Therefore, this study was conducted to identify
    specific socio-demographic characteristics and factors influencing the intention to donate blood among
    working adults in Malaysia. Driven by positivist approach and based on the Theory of Planned
    Behaviour, data were collected from 295 working adults. The data was analysed using Partial Least
    Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) approach. The findings indicated that attitude,
    subjective norms and perceived behavioural control are the predictors for working adult’s intention to
    donate blood. The results revealed are believed to be valuable for the National Blood Centre to develop
    strategies to motivate, recruit and sustain sufficient number of blood donors. It is suggested that future
    studies should explore donor’s perception and expectation to identify factors that have positive or
    negative effects on their motivation or have already deterred them from donating blood.
  17. Noor Hazwany Haji Arifin, Salmah Jan Noor Muhammad
    The cyber world is actually an easy medium which does not need complicated procedures in order to
    publish ones literary works. This has been the reason on why the young authors choose it as the best
    medium to create more literary works actively. The works of the young authors will be published in the
    cyber world especially in their own personal websites. However, this also has caused misunderstanding
    between the scholars about the aesthetical and the quality that have always been focused on literary
    works. Therefore, this study will find out and analyse the aesthetical value through the thoughts that are
    found in cyber novel Kasih Darmia by Naniey TJ based on the application of Intergrated Aesthetic
    theory. Cyber novel Kasih Darmia is the first cyber literary work of Naniey TJ which was written
    somewhere in November 2011 in her personal blogsite. The study uses the Intergrated Aesthetic which
    is introduced by Abdul Halim Ali based on the concept of beauty which is divided by the beauty of
    thoughts and the religious messages from Al-Quran as the original text that represents the real beauty
    and reflects the manifestation of literary text. Analysing the thoughts in cyber novel Kasih Darmia shows that the inside beauty actually answers the aesthetical problems in the literary works in the cyber
  18. Nur Farah Najeeha Najdi, Nor Aishah Ahad
    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a well-known method to test the equality of mean for two or more
    groups. ANOVA is a robust test under the normality assumption. Arithmetic mean is used in the
    computation of the ANOVA test. Mean is known to be sensitive towards outlier and this problem will
    affect the robustness and power of ANOVA. In this study, modification of ANOVA was created using
    one type of mean to replace arithmetic mean namely trimmed mean. New approaches were be obtained
    for the computation of ANOVA. This study was conducted based on a simulation study and application
    on real data. The performance of the modified ANOVA is then compared with the classical ANOVA
    test in terms of Type I error rate. This innovation enhances the ability of modified ANOVA to provide
    good control of Type I error rates. The findings were in favor of the modified ANOVA or better known
    as ANOVATM.
  19. Nur Nadia Hanapi, Mariani Mansor
    Issues concerning risk taking attitude and behaviors among adolescents in Malaysia has become increasingly complex and challenging. This paper aims to examine the gender differences in risk-taking attitude among adolescents in Malaysia. 426 adolescents consisting of 183 boys (43%) and 243 girls (51.9 %) participated in this study. Data were obtained using a self-administered questionnaire namely the Attitude towards risk questionnaire (Franken, Gibson & Rowland, 1992). The findings suggested that there is a significant difference between male and female with respect to risk taking attitude, t (424) = 3.14, p = .03 (two-tailed). The analysis of mean further revealed that male adolescents (M = 53.85. SD = 11.99) is inclined towards risk attitudes compared to female adolescents (M =50.14, SD=13.39). Apart from verifying the previous findings on the gender differences in risk taking attitudes, the present finding indicates the need for a gender specific approach to the assessment and intervention of risk-taking attitude among adolescents in Malaysia.
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