• 1 Kubang Kerian Nursing College
  • 2 Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • 3 Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • 4 Not Indicated


The major component in nursing education is attachmnet at clinical practices to give the students experience,
responsibility and understanding in care of the patient. Nurse educators and the clinical nurse instructors are
responsible for coordinating the education of nursing students in clinical area. Currently practice using nursing
processes is more familiar to compare than concept mapping care plan among the nurses and nursing students.
Nursing care plan or nursing process has been utilized at the clinical setting to assess the actual and potential
health problems of the patients. However, the format of nursing care plans makes challenging to the students,
especially for new students in semester one to gather the information based on patients problems. In addition,
this nursing process evaluation is one of examination tools for them in running assessments. Therefore, the
development of concept mapping care plan at clinical practices was used to evalaute the students academic
achievement in clinical pratices. Concept mapping care plan was found to enhance the knowledge and
understanding of the nursing students and also improving the quality of clinical education. Nursing students
who have good skills will perform certain procedures better than students having fewer skills. This affects the
quality of work in the future as either a higher quality or of poor quality.