Sains Malaysiana, 2016;45:1169-1176.


Interest in the use of intelligent packaging systems for food products has increased in recent years. Intelligent packaging
systems are those that monitor the condition of packaged foods to give information regarding the quality of the packaged
food during transport and storage. The potential of HEC/PANI film as pH indicator and pH sensor were evaluated. HEC/
PANI film was prepared by solution blending and casting method. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy showed
that there was no chemical interaction between HEC and PANI. The film properties were retained chemically. The electrical
conductivity increment from 1.14×105 to 2.2 ×105
S/cm was observed when PANI was incorporated into the HEC film matrix.
Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) showed that the electrical conductance network of PANI was formed
in HEC/PANI film. The electrical sensitivity of the film has been studied with I-V characterization. The changes in color and
current of HEC/PANI film on interaction to pH buffer 1-14 shows its suitability as pH indicator and pH sensor for food.