• 1 University of Plymouth, England
Nurse Res, 2019 Jun 12;27(2):38-41.
PMID: 31468887 DOI: 10.7748/nr.2019.e1605


BACKGROUND: A study was conducted with Malaysian nurses who had studied on an Australian or UK transnational higher education post-registration top-up nursing degree programmes taught by 'flying faculty'.

AIM: To reflect on the transcription, analysis, interpretation and translation of data in this cross-cultural study.

DISCUSSION: The findings of this study show how these nurses developed personally and professionally despite challenges, which enabled them to attain a western degree.

CONCLUSION: Some important aspects of cross-cultural research need to be considered when conducting studies and presenting their findings, as cultural values continue to affect society.

IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: The discussion provided will assist novice researchers, nurse research and clinical practice and reviewers of scientific articles when conducting cross-cultural research.

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