• 1 School of Nursing, KPJ Healthcare University College, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Electronic address:
  • 2 School of Nursing, International Medical College, Melaka, Malaysia
  • 3 College of Nursing, Ministry of Health, Penang, Malaysia
Enferm Clin, 2020 03;30 Suppl 3:100-103.
PMID: 32331728 DOI: 10.1016/j.enfcli.2019.12.038


With the revision on the concept of empathy, this study attempted to teach empathy to nursing students with the goal of to increase the students' empathy levels.

METHOD: We conducted a quasi-experimental study with a non-equivalent group design and incorporated empathy training, pre- and post-training empathy measurements of participants in a private nursing college (N=64). Empathy scores were measured using the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy (2001) and the educational intervention used was Wlodkowski and Ginsberg's Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching (1995). Descriptive analysis and paired T-test were used to determine the effect of intervention applied.

RESULTS: The study found increased mean score for both control and experimental group during post-intervention as compared to pre-intervention mean score.

CONCLUSIONS: The result indicates the effectiveness of educational intervention in enhancing empathy among nursing students in the experimental group.

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