• 1 Department of Physiology, UKM Medical Centre, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Med J Malaysia, 2008 Jul;63 Suppl A:9-10.
PMID: 19024959


Human adipose-derived stem cells (HADSC) have demonstrated the capacity of differentiating into bone depending on the specific induction stimuli and growth factors. However, investigation on stem cell characteristic after osteogenic differentiation is still lacking. The goal of this study was to investigate the differential expression of sternness and osteogenic genes in non-induced HADSC compared with HADSC after osteogenic induction using quantitative Real Time RT-PCR. Our results showed that OCT-4, REX-1, FZD9, OSC, RUNX, and ALP were up regulated after osteogenic induction. This may indicated that HADSCs after osteogenic induction still possessed some stemness properties.

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