• 1 A Amalourde, MS (Ortho). University of Malaya
  • 2 P Vinayaga, MS (Ortho). University of Malaya
  • 3 N Naveed, MS (Ortho). University of Malaya
  • 4 A Jamal, MS (Ortho). Selangor Medical Centre
  • 5 L M Looi, FRCPath. University of Malaya
  • 6 S Sengupta, FRCS. University of Malaya
Med J Malaysia, 2004 Dec;59 Suppl F:60-2.
PMID: 15941166 MyJurnal


Although all types of tumour and tumour-like conditions have been described to occur in the clavicle, they only contribute to less then 0.5% of all skeletal tumours. The incidence of primary chondrosarcoma of the clavicle is extremely rare. To our knowledge it has not been reported in Malaysia. We would like to highlight the possibility of chondrosarcoma as a differential diagnosis for a clavicular lesion.

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