• 1 Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hum Pathol, 1988 Jun;19(6):732-5.
PMID: 2454214


Biopsy and necropsy tissue from 31 unselected patients with systemic amyloidosis, in which there was histologic evidence of liver involvement, were reviewed with reference to the location and pattern of amyloid deposition in the liver. Amyloidosis was classified into AA and AL types on the basis of immunohistochemistry and permanganate reaction of the amyloid deposits. Nineteen were categorized as AA (secondary) and 12 as AL (primary) amyloidosis. Deposition of AA amyloid was limited to the walls of vessels in the portal tract, constituting a "vascular" pattern. In AL amyloidosis, the deposits exhibited a "sinusoidal" pattern in that they were seen along hepatic sinusoids as well as in vessel walls. This difference was statistically significant (P less than .001). The histologic pattern of liver infiltration offers a valuable clue in the classification of systemic amyloidosis and provides information that may be useful in the selection of patients for therapy.

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