PMID: 607425


Capillaria hepatica infection in wild rodents collected from the States of Kelantan, Selangor and Johore in Peninsular Malaysia since 1973 is reported. A total of 1,258 rodents consisting of 20 species of house, field and forest rats, and 7 species of squirrels were examined for the parasite and 17 species consisting of 111 murids and 1 flying squirrel were found infected. The house rat, Rattus norvegicus had the highest prevalence rate, followed by 3 species of field rats, R. tiomanicus, R. argentiventer and Bandicota indica. The prevalence of infection was low among forest rats with the exception of Lenothrix canus. Only 1 flying squirrel, Hylopetes spadiceus was found with the parasite. The prevalence of infection in relation to the host behaviour and habitats was discussed. C. hepatica appears to be widespread throughout Malaysia with a wide range of hosts among rodent species. Some new host records are presented herein.

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