• 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Hospital information systems have evolved with the recent widespread, involving technology and target functions, and this involves the critical computer systems from multiple perspectives. Healthcare organizations increasingly use information technology as a basis for improving productivity and user satisfaction. A research had been done about the level of satisfaction in using the Hospital Information System. Data was obtained by using a set of questionnaires that have been tested for reliability and validity. The staff are comprised of two (2) categories: Nurses (community nurses / Head nurse / staff nurse, nurse managers and others) while the second category consists of administrative officers (administrative officers, administrative assistants and clerks) in selected departments. Variables consist of sociodemographic factors, occupational factors and perception factors. A total of 152 respondents identified using stratified sampling method. The factors studied were age, gender, marital status, level of qualifications, length of service, knowledge of the system, attitude towards the use of the system, behavioral intention to use the system and compatibility with work. Majority of respondents were females (88.2%). The level of satisfaction among the staff in using the hospital information system is high (88.8%) compared to the dissatisfied staff in UKMMC (11.2%). In overall, the staffs in UKMMC are satisfied using the hospital information system available now but there are always a room for improvement so that the system can be used more intensively.