• 1 Universiti Putra Malaysia


This paper describes the design and development of harvesting system for the gantry system to harvest eggplants. For this purpose, the harvesting robot was successfully designed and fabricated for the gantry system to harvest eggplants. The operation of the harvester was controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Basically, the limit switches, DC motor, and relay are connected to the PLC. Meanwhile, a PLC ladder diagram was designed and developed to control the operation of the eggplant harvester. A visual basic programme was developed to interface the harvester with a greenhouse gantry control system. A videogrammetry method was employed to calculate the distance between the stems of eggplants and the cutter of robot end effector. The end effector used electric as its power source and it was controlled via Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Visual Basic Programme was developed to interface the harvester with the gantry control system. The accuracy of the videogrammetry was tested to be 67.2% for X-axis, 88.2% for Y-axis and 84.7% for Z-axis. Meanwhile, the speed of the end effector for harvester is 2.4 km/h and it could lift up to 55 cm. In order to determine detachment force of eggplant, 16 samples of mature eggplants were tested in a greenhouse, and as a result, more than 22.76 N force was needed to detach a mature eggplant inside the gantry system.