• 1 International Medical School, Management and Science University, Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • 2 Professor of Medical Education (Retired), Shah Alam, Malaysia
Med Teach, 2021 Apr 09.
PMID: 33836640 DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2021.1910642


INTRODUCTION: COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the educators to creatively develop teaching and assessment methods that can work effectively and efficiently while maintaining the social distancing and avoiding the gatherings of the classrooms and examination halls. Online approach has emerged as an effective alternate for classroom teaching.

AIM: To equip faculty with tools to conduct TBL session online, synchronously, effectively and efficiently.

METHODS: We examined the published literature in the area of online teaching and combined it with our own experience of conducting TBL sessions online.

RESULTS: We created 12 tips to assist faculty to facilitate an effective and engaging TBL session online.

CONCLUSIONS: Applying these 12 tips while facilitating a TBL-online session will ensure the full engagement of students in the process of active learning.

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