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  1. Boey, C.C.M.
    JUMMEC, 2010;13(1):3-11.
    In the last three centuries, medicine has focused predominantly on the physical body as the source of disease, placing very little importance on the mind. However, the significance of mind-body interactions in medicine is now increasingly being recognised. True health must include both the physical body and the mind. This article traces our concepts of the relationship between mind and body since primitive times and explores its relevance to the maintenance of health.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  2. Ho E
    Biomed Imaging Interv J, 2012 Jan;8(1):e9.
    PMID: 22970065 DOI: 10.2349/biij.8.1.e9
    Radiology is a relatively high-cost and high-maintenance aspect of medicine. Expertise is constantly required, from acquisition to its use and quality assurance programmes. However, it is an integral part of healthcare practice, from disease diagnosis, surveillance and prevention to treatment monitoring. It is alarming that two thirds of the world is deficient in or lacks even basic diagnostic imaging. Developing and underdeveloped countries need help in improving medical imaging. Help is coming from various organisations, which are extending hands-on teaching and imparting knowledge, as well as training trainers to increase the pool of skilled practitioners in the use of imaging equipment and other aspects of radiology services. The scene for social radiology is changing and set to positively impact the world in the (near) future.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  3. Mohd Ariff M, Abu Hassan Z
    Malays Fam Physician, 2006;1(1):11-4.
    PMID: 26998200 MyJurnal
    Matched MeSH terms: Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
  4. Niamul Islam N, Hannan MA, Mohamed A, Shareef H
    PLoS One, 2016;11(1):e0146277.
    PMID: 26745265 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146277
    Power system oscillation is a serious threat to the stability of multimachine power systems. The coordinated control of power system stabilizers (PSS) and thyristor-controlled series compensation (TCSC) damping controllers is a commonly used technique to provide the required damping over different modes of growing oscillations. However, their coordinated design is a complex multimodal optimization problem that is very hard to solve using traditional tuning techniques. In addition, several limitations of traditionally used techniques prevent the optimum design of coordinated controllers. In this paper, an alternate technique for robust damping over oscillation is presented using backtracking search algorithm (BSA). A 5-area 16-machine benchmark power system is considered to evaluate the design efficiency. The complete design process is conducted in a linear time-invariant (LTI) model of a power system. It includes the design formulation into a multi-objective function from the system eigenvalues. Later on, nonlinear time-domain simulations are used to compare the damping performances for different local and inter-area modes of power system oscillations. The performance of the BSA technique is compared against that of the popular particle swarm optimization (PSO) for coordinated design efficiency. Damping performances using different design techniques are compared in term of settling time and overshoot of oscillations. The results obtained verify that the BSA-based design improves the system stability significantly. The stability of the multimachine power system is improved by up to 74.47% and 79.93% for an inter-area mode and a local mode of oscillation, respectively. Thus, the proposed technique for coordinated design has great potential to improve power system stability and to maintain its secure operation.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  5. Engku Liyana Zafirah Engku Mohd Suhaimi, Jamil Salleh, Suzaini Abd Ghani, Mohamad Faizul Yahya, Mohd Rozi Ahmad
    An investigation on the properties of Tenun Pahang fabric performances using alternative yarns was conducted. The studies were made in order to evaluate whether the Tenun Pahang fabric could be produced economically and at the same time maintain the fabric quality. Traditional Tenun Pahang fabric uses silk for both warp and weft. For this project, two alternative yarns were used which were bamboo and modal, which were a little lower in cost compared to silk. These yarns were woven with two variations, one with the yarns as weft only while maintaining the silk warp and the other with both warp and weft using the alternative yarns. Four (4) physical testing and three (3) mechanical testing conducted on the fabric samples. The fabric samples were evaluated including weight, thickness, thread density, crease recovery angle, stiffness and drapability. The results show that modal/silk and bamboo silk fabrics are comparable in terms of stiffness and drapability, hence they have the potential to replace 100% silk Tenun Pahang.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  6. Hasnida Abdul Samat, Shahrul Kamaruddin, Ishak Abdul Azid
    Maintenance is a vital system in a manufacturing company. The maintenance objectives are to ensure that the machine is in good condition, serviceable and safe to be operated in producing quality products. However, the system usually imposes a high cost system due to its ineffective activities. Therefore, this paper was written to review the factors affecting the maintenance effectiveness and methods used to measure its performance. In this paper, maintenance performance measurement methods are categorized into three groups, based on holistic, machine, and value factors. Each group is discussed based on the principles and techniques of the maintenance performance measurement methods, along with the example of its applications in the industry. The most common methods used are the holistic approach, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and balance score-card (BSC). These various methods have their own benefits and drawbacks, according to the area of measurement.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  7. Mohd Fazli Zakaria, Lanyau, Tonny, Mohamad Fauzi Saad, Ahmad Razali Ismail
    Ageing management is one of the important safety factors to be implemented proactively throughout the lifetime of a research reactor. In order to continue the safe operation of a research reactor from the reactor safety standpoint, a systematic and methodical approach should be taken. In practice, ageing management programme is accomplished by integrating the existing programmes including maintenance, periodic testing and inspection and periodic safety reviews. Such approach will be a good platform for the reactor operation
    and maintenance group to utilize data from existing maintenance programme to be incorporate into the ageing maintenance system. This paper will describe the ageing management programme for Reactor TRIGA PUSPATI (RTP).
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  8. Islam MT, Ashraf FB, Alam T, Misran N, Mat KB
    Sensors (Basel), 2018 Sep 05;18(9).
    PMID: 30189669 DOI: 10.3390/s18092959
    A compact ultrawideband (UWB) antenna based on a hexagonal split-ring resonator (HSRR) is presented in this paper for sensing the pH factor. The modified HSRR is a new concept regarding the conventional square split-ring resonator (SSRR). Two HSRRs are interconnected with a strip line and a split in one HSRR is introduced to increase the electrical length and coupling effect. The presented UWB antenna consists of three unit cells on top of the radiating patch element. This combination of UWB antenna and HSRR gives double-negative characteristics which increase the sensitivity of the UWB antenna for the pH sensor. The proposed ultrawideband antenna metamaterial sensor was designed and fabricated on FR-4 substrate. The electrical length of the proposed metamaterial antenna sensor is 0.238 × 0.194 × 0.016 λ, where λ is the lowest frequency of 3 GHz. The fractional bandwidth and bandwidth dimension ratio were achieved with the metamaterial-inspired antenna as 146.91% and 3183.05, respectively. The operating frequency of this antenna sensor covers the bandwidth of 17 GHz, starting from 3 to 20 GHz with a realized gain of 3.88 dB. The proposed HSRR-based ultrawideband antenna sensor is found to reach high gain and bandwidth while maintaining the smallest electrical size, a highly desired property for pH-sensing applications.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  9. Lau BWK, Chung JTC, Young DYN
    Family Practitioner, 1988;11:31-36.
    Matched MeSH terms: Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
  10. Mohd Rizal Hamid, Ahmad Faruq Mohamad Rosli, Manokaran, Kesavan, Siti Shafiqa Shamira Hashin, Nik Mohd Dzarrin Ghifari Azmy, Baba Md Deros, et al.
    Awareness of occupational noise and its effects is growing. At No. 11 squadron base, Sukhoi jet was identified as the main culprit of occupational noise that affects not just the employees of the base but also civilian people in the surrounding area. The objective of the study is to identify the noise level produced by Sukhoi two-engines jet during maintenance operations. Investigations were carried out using Bruel & Kjaer 2250 sound level meter hand-analyser. Measurements were performed directly under the Sukhoi jet body and then 10 metres, 50 metres, 100 metres, 1000 metres and 1500 metres away. The jet engines could operate at two levels, at 72% RPM and at 85% RPM. The civilians are only exposed to its noise from more than 1000 metres away. The results from this study are analysed and noise mapping and noise contouring are produced which give the level of noise exposure. The maximum noise is recorded t 122dB(A) and the minimum is at 60dB(A). The farther the noise from the jet is measured, the lower the values recorded. From the noise mapping, the effects of noise exposures on both the employees at the base and the civilian at the neighbouring surrounding could be identified. Even though the exposures are only for 5-10 minutes, it is still considered as a threat
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  11. Salari N, Khazaie H, Hosseinian-Far A, Khaledi-Paveh B, Ghasemi H, Mohammadi M, et al.
    BMC Neurol, 2020 Aug 13;20(1):300.
    PMID: 32791960 DOI: 10.1186/s12883-020-01883-1
    BACKGROUND: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as a type of behavioral therapy, attempts to respond to changes in people's performance and their relationship to events. ACT can affect sleep quality by providing techniques to enhance the flexibility of patients' thoughts, yet maintaining mindfullness. Therefore, for the first time, a systematic review on the effects of ACT on sleep quality has been conducted.

    METHODS: This systematic review was performed to determine the effect of ACT on insomnia and sleep quality. To collect articles, the PubMed, Web of Science (WOS), Cochrane library, Embase, Scopus, Science Direct, ProQuest, Mag Iran, Irandoc, and Google Scholar databases were searched, without a lower time-limit, and until April 2020.

    RESULTS: Related articles were derived from 9 research repositories, with no lower time-limit and until April 2020. After assessing 1409 collected studies, 278 repetitive studies were excluded. Moreover, following the primary and secondary evaluations of the remaining articles, 1112 other studies were removed, and finally a total of 19 intervention studies were included in the systematic review process. Within the remaining articles, a sample of 1577 people had been assessed for insomnia and sleep quality.

    CONCLUSION: The results of this study indicate that ACT has a significant effect on primary and comorbid insomnia and sleep quality, and therefore, it can be used as an appropriate treatment method to control and improve insomnia.

    Matched MeSH terms: Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders/psychology*; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders/therapy*
  12. Ong CT, Yap JF, Wai YZ, Ng QX
    Cureus, 2016;8(8):e733.
    PMID: 27630805 DOI: 10.7759/cureus.733
    Clinical photography in the field of oculoplastic surgery has many applications. It is possible for clinicians to obtain standardized clinical photographs without a studio. A clinician photographer has the advantage of knowing exactly what to photograph as well as having immediate access to the images. In order to maintain standardization in the photographs, the photographic settings should remain constant. This article covers essential photographic equipment, camera settings, patient pose, and digital asset management.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  13. Ang KM, Yeo LY, Hung YM, Tan MK
    Nanoscale, 2017 May 18;9(19):6497-6508.
    PMID: 28466906 DOI: 10.1039/c7nr01690e
    We exploit the possibility of enhancing the molecular transport of liquids through graphene films using amplitude modulated surface acoustic waves (SAWs) to demonstrate effective and efficient nanoparticle filtration. The use of the SAW, which is an extremely efficient means for driving microfluidic transport, overcomes the need for the large mechanical pumps required to circumvent the large pressure drops encountered in conventional membranes for nanoparticle filtration. 100% filtration efficiency was obtained for micron-dimension particulates, decreasing to only 95% for the filtration of particles of tens of nanometers in dimension, which is comparable to that achieved with other methods. To circumvent clogging of the film, which is typical with all membrane filters, a backwash operation to flush the nanoparticles is incorporated simply by reversing the SAW-induced flow such that 98% recovery of the initial filtration rate is recovered. Given these efficiencies, together with the low cost and compact size of the chipscale SAW devices, we envisage the possibility of scaling out the process by operating a large number of devices in parallel to achieve typical industrial-scale throughputs with potential benefits in terms of substantially lower capital, operating and maintenance costs.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  14. Ahamad, I.S., Choong, T.S.Y., Yunus, R., Chuah, T.G., Vassiliadis, V.S.
    Controller tuning is needed to select the optimum response for the controlled process. This work presents a new tuning procedure of PID controllers with safety and response quality measures on a non-linear process model by optimization procedure, with a demonstration of two tanks in series. The model was developed to include safety constraints in the form of path constraints. The model was then solved with a new optimization solver, NLPOPT1, which uses a primal-dual interior point method with a novel non-monotone line search procedure with discretized penalty parameters. This procedure generated a grid of optimal PID tuning parameters for various switching of steadystates to be used as apredictor of PID tunings for arbitrary transitions. The interpolation of tuning parameters between the available parameters was found to be capable to produce state profiles with no violation on the safety measures, while maintaining the quality of the solution with the final set points targeted achievable.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  15. Muhamad Khuzaifah Ismail, Meng Cheng Lau, Mohammad Faidzul Nasrudin, Haslina Arsha
    The walking of a humanoid robot needs to be robust enough in order to maintain balance in a dynamic environment especially on uneven terrain. A walking model based on multi-sensor is proposed for a Robotis DARwIn-OP robot named as Leman. Two force sensitive resistor (FSRs) on both feet equipped to Leman to estimate the zero moment point (ZMP) alongside with accelerometer and gyrosensor embedded in the body for body state estimation. The results show that the FSRs can successfully detect the unbalanced walking event if the protuberance exists on the floor surface and the accelerometer and gyrosensor (Inertial Measurement Unit, IMU) data are recorded to tune the balancing parameter in the model.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  16. Nashiren Farzilah, Mailah, Yap Hoon, Mohd Amran, Mohd Radzi
    Shunt active power filter (SAPF) is the most effective solution for current harmonics. In its controller, DC-link capacitor voltage regulation algorithm with either proportional-integral (PI) or fuzzy logic control (FLC) technique has played a significant role in maintaining a constant DC voltage across all the DC-link capacitors. However, PI technique performs poorly with high overshoot and significant time delay under dynamic state conditions, as its parameters are difficult to be tuned without requiring complete knowledge of the designated system. Although FLC technique has been developed to overcome limitations of PI technique, it is mostly developed with high complexity thereby increases computational burden of the designed controller. This paper presents a fuzzy-based DC-link capacitor voltage regulation algorithm with reduced computational efforts to enhance performance of three-phase three-level neutralpoint diode clamped (NPC) inverter-based SAPF in overall DC-link voltage regulation. The proposed method is called effort-reduction FLC technique. The proposed algorithm is developed and evaluated in MATLAB-Simulink. Moreover, conventional algorithm with PI technique is tested for comparison purposes. Simulation results have confirmed improvement achieved by the proposed algorithm in comparison to the conventional algorithm.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  17. Amir Abdullah, M.D., Abdullah, A.H., Leman, A.M.
    Indoor air quality has been a major public concern recently. Several health effects are related to this problem.
    Findings from several studies have shown MVAC system as the main contributor for IAQ problem. Good practice of
    maintenance and servicing is important to maintain MVAC system, especially the filter. Good air filtration for MVAC
    system is needed to make sure adequate air is received by the occupants. This paper illustrated a recent study of air
    filtration for MVAC system especially for several industries that used MVAC system in their premises. This paper also
    proposed an air filtration study for a better air quality. Several Acts and Regulations related to Safety and Health were
    identified to create the framework for the proposed study. Air filtration technique was used in this preliminary study
    to set up guidelines to create safe and clean indoor spaces for workers and occupants.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  18. Leong YS, Ker PJ, Jamaludin MZ, M Nomanbhay S, Ismail A, Abdullah F, et al.
    Sensors (Basel), 2018 Jul 06;18(7).
    PMID: 29986438 DOI: 10.3390/s18072175
    Monitoring the condition of transformer oil is considered to be one of the preventive maintenance measures and it is very critical in ensuring the safety as well as optimal performance of the equipment. Various oil properties and contents in oil can be monitored such as acidity, furanic compounds and color. The current method is used to determine the color index (CI) of transformer oil produces an error of 0.5 in measurement, has high risk of human handling error, additional expense such as sampling and transportations, and limited samples can be measured per day due to safety and health reasons. Therefore, this work proposes the determination of CI of transformer oil using ultraviolet-to-visible (UV-Vis) spectroscopy. Results show a good correlation between the CI of transformer oil and the absorbance spectral responses of oils from 300 nm to 700 nm. Modeled equations were developed to relate the CI of the oil with the cutoff wavelength and absorbance, and with the area under the curve from 360 nm to 600 nm. These equations were verified with another set of oil samples. The equation that describes the relationship between cutoff wavelength, absorbance and CI of the oil shows higher accuracy with root mean square error (RMSE) of 0.1961.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  19. Mohd Aliff Farhan Musa, Rafizah Musa
    Low-cost high rise housing project is developed to provide a chance for low-income
    citizen to own a house at a lower market price. Each low-cost high-rise residential
    building possesses its own building management body where one of its duties is to
    manage residential area after the strata title has been issued to the purchaser. The
    study was carried out to evaluate the level of satisfaction among residents of one lowcost
    housing area towards the maintenance activities administered by the building
    management body. This research employed mixed-method approach; quantitative and
    qualitative, as it able to capture accurate data from both residents and the building
    management body. This study concluded that the residents of Rumah Selangorku
    Damai Utama are mostly leaning towards dissatisfaction with the building and facilities
    maintenance services provided by the building management body.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
  20. Tran CD, Ibrahim R, Asirvadam VS, Saad N, Sabo Miya H
    ISA Trans, 2018 Apr;75:236-246.
    PMID: 29478749 DOI: 10.1016/j.isatra.2017.12.010
    The emergence of wireless technologies such as WirelessHART and ISA100 Wireless for deployment at industrial process plants has urged the need for research and development in wireless control. This is in view of the fact that the recent application is mainly in monitoring domain due to lack of confidence in control aspect. WirelessHART has an edge over its counterpart as it is based on the successful Wired HART protocol with over 30 million devices as of 2009. Recent works on control have primarily focused on maintaining the traditional PID control structure which is proven not adequate for the wireless environment. In contrast, Internal Model Control (IMC), a promising technique for delay compensation, disturbance rejection and setpoint tracking has not been investigated in the context of WirelessHART. Therefore, this paper discusses the control design using IMC approach with a focus on wireless processes. The simulation and experimental results using real-time WirelessHART hardware-in-the-loop simulator (WH-HILS) indicate that the proposed approach is more robust to delay variation of the network than the PID.
    Matched MeSH terms: Maintenance
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