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  1. Radhiana M Y H, Mubarak MY
    Med J Malaysia, 2011 Mar;66(1):60-1.
    PMID: 23765146 MyJurnal
    Focal eventration of the diaphragm with transthoracic kidney is a very rare condition. It is usually asymptomatic and often revealed as an incidental finding on imaging studies. We presented a case of previously undiagnosed focal eventration of left hemidiaphragm with transthoracic left kidney confused with traumatic diaphragmatic hernia. Differentiation of these two conditions is important as each were managed differently. A traumatic diaphragmatic hernia needs early surgical intervention whereas no treatment was required for focal diaphragmatic eventration in most cases. Diagnostic laparoscopy confirmed the findings in this case and the patient was managed conservatively.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic; Hernia, Diaphragmatic, Traumatic*
  2. Menon KA
    Med J Malaya, 1968 Jun;23(4):285-8.
    PMID: 4235591
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic, Traumatic/therapy*
  3. Islah MA, Jiffre D
    Med J Malaysia, 2010 Mar;65(1):75-6.
    PMID: 21265257 MyJurnal
    The occurrence of congenital diaphragmatic hernia in a pregnant adult is rare. In contrast to neonatal diaphragmatic hernias, most of the adult patients present with vague gastrointestinal symptoms mimicking other diseases hence the importance of high index of suspicion. We report a case of a young pregnant lady with congenital diaphragmatic hernia presenting with symptoms and clinical signs suggestive of acute pancreatitis. The patient had a laparotomy performed to reduce the hernial content and the diaphragmatic defect was successfully repaired.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/diagnosis*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/pathology
  4. Abdullah M
    Med J Malaysia, 2003 Mar;58(1):99-101.
    PMID: 14556332
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is rare in adults. We report a 24 year old woman presenting with shortness of breath, chest pain and nausea after the birth of her first baby. Clinical examination, plain radiography and a CT scan revealed herniation of abdominal contents into her left chest. Via a midline laparotomy, the contents were reduced and the defect repaired, using a mesh. She remains symptom-free three years since her surgery and even after a second childbirth. A brief review of the literature reporting adult diaphragmatic hernia of congenital origin accompanies this case report. We conclude that symptomatic CDH in adults usually presents as an emergency with gastrointestinal and occasionally respiratory complications. Early diagnosis and repair is essential to avoid subsequent morbidity and mortality.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/diagnosis*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery
  5. Laidin AZ, Al Rashid Z, Mohd Nor M
    Med J Malaysia, 1984 Sep;39(3):185-91.
    PMID: 6544919
    A review of 24 children with posterolateral (Bochdalek) diaphragmatic hernia over a five-year period was carried out to highlight the problems of diagnosis and' management. Nine children were delivered in the Maternity Hospital Kuala Lumpur, giving an incidence of 1:10,000 live births which is half the expected incidence. Difficulty in diagnosis is apparent from the large number of initially misdiagnosed cases (29%) and those not detected
    soon after birth (71% diagnosed after 24 hours). Less than half the babies had associated anomalies, commonest being malrotation and ipsilateral lung hypoplasia. Mortality (20.8%) appears to be related to the degree of lung hypoplasia and shunting, and the birthweight of the babies. Current evidence indicates that pulmonary hypertension is the main factor in the chain of events beginning with lung hypoplasia, which ultimately leads to their demise. Various methods to overcome this complication have been evolved which appear to give some hope for these high-risk infants.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/radiography; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery
  6. Venkateswaran V
    Med J Malaysia, 1986 Mar;41(1):44-7.
    PMID: 3796348
    A case of classical congenital diaphragmatic hernia is discussed. The rare right-sided classical type - incidence of 1 in 30,000 to 1 in 81,000 live births - and diaphragmatic eventration are often grouped together as Congenital Diaphragmatic Herniae. We had nine in 57,783 live births in ten years.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery
  7. Sharina, M.K., Norliyana, M., Kamalnizat, I., Azmi, B., Mohd Hisam, M.A.
    Medicine & Health, 2020;15(1):266-273.
    Skoliosis kongenital adalah perkembangan tulang belakang yang tidak normal yang merangkumi pembentukan sebahagian tulang sahaja, kurangnya pemisahan di antara tulang belakang atau kehilangan bahagian tertentu tulang belakang. Etiologi sebenar skoliosis kongenital masih tidak jelas. Walau bagaimanapun, ia dipengaruhi oleh kecenderungan genetik dan faktor persekitaran. Kami melaporkan siri kes skoliosis kongenital dengan ciri-ciri dismorfik dalam empat orang adik-beradik dan membincangkan mengenai sindrom spondylocostal dysostosis yang mempunyai kaitan dengan skoliosis kongenital. Ciri-ciri dismorfik termasuk hipertelorisme, ‘ptosis’ kedua-dua mata, 'high arch palate', langit-langit yang tinggi dan leher ‘webbed’. Pembedahan instrumentasi tulang belakang dilakukan dalam tiga adik beradik. Semua pesakit pulih dengan baik selepas pembedahan tanpa komplikasi kecederaan saraf. Rawatan susulan pada tahun pertama dan kedua selepas pembedahan menunjukkan tiada perubahan pada kadar lengkung dan tulang belakang telah bercantum.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic
  8. Quah BS, Menon BS
    Clin Genet, 1996 Oct;50(4):232-4.
    PMID: 9001806
    Down syndrome may be associated with many complications. Among the malignancies associated with Down syndrome, leukaemia is the most common. This is a case report of a patient with Down syndrome associated with both a retroperitoneal teratoma and a Morgagni hernia.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications*
  9. Faizah MZ, Sharifah MI, Johoruddin K, Juliana AL
    Med J Malaysia, 2011 Oct;66(4):367-8.
    PMID: 22299562 MyJurnal
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/radiography
  10. Loqman MY, Wong CM, Hair-Bejo M, Zuki AB, Hafeez YM
    Med J Malaysia, 2004 May;59 Suppl B:113-4.
    PMID: 15468844
    A study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of freeze-dried bovine pericardium (FDBP) as a biomaterial in diaphragmatic herniorrhapy in dogs. Eight adult dogs were randomly selected and divided into two equal groups. In FDBP group, a diaphragmatic defect was induced and repaired with an identical size of FDBP. In the control group, a diaphragmatic wall was incised at three-side border creating a flap and sutured. Grossly, only mild intrathoracic adhesion was observed for most of the animals, and no herniation occured. Microscopically, the biomaterial incorporated into the host's tissue by ingrowth of young muscle fiber and massive new blood vessel formation in between the fibrous tissue.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/pathology; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery*
  11. Quah BS, Hashim I, Simpson H
    J Pediatr Surg, 1999 Mar;34(3):512-4.
    PMID: 10211672
    Congenital diaphragmatic hernia through the foramen of Bochdalek may present after infancy. A 21/2-year-old Malay girl presented with acute respiratory distress. Chest examination showed reduced chest expansion and decreased breath sounds on the left side. Chest radiograph showed a large "cyst" in the left chest, which was thought to be a lung cyst under tension. Tube thoracostomy resulted in clinical improvement. Results of a barium study showed that the cyst perforated by the thoracostomy tube was the stomach, which had herniated through a Bochdalek diaphragmatic defect. Surgical repair of the diaphragmatic defect and closure of the perforated stomach was performed successfully. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia should be included in the differential diagnosis of respiratory distress in young children. Nasogastric tube placement must be considered as an early diagnostic or therapeutic intervention when the diagnosis is suspected.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery
  12. Wong PS, Vendargon SJ
    Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann, 2003 Dec;11(4):375.
    PMID: 14681107
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery*
  13. Damodaran A, Nair S, Somasundram R
    Med J Malaysia, 1973 Dec;28(2):99-102.
    PMID: 4276265
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/radiography; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/surgery
  14. Ong BB, Wong KT
    Malays J Pathol, 1996 Dec;18(2):121-3.
    PMID: 10879233
    A rare case of a 22-week-old foetus with unilateral adrenal cytomegaly and left diaphragmatic hernia is reported. Typical cytomegalic cells were found focally in the left adrenal but the right adrenal was normal. There was no stigmata of the Beckwith-Wiedermann syndrome. The association of adrenal cytomegaly with various congenital malformations, the significance and possible pathogenesis of this condition is discussed.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/pathology
  15. Manavalan AS
    Med J Malaya, 1969 Dec;24(2):124-7.
    PMID: 4244137
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic
  16. Rohana J, Boo NY, Thambidorai CR
    Singapore Med J, 2008 Feb;49(2):142-4.
    PMID: 18301842
    This prospective observational study was conducted to determine the outcome of newborns with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). They were managed with a protocol of gentle ventilation to avoid barotraumas, and inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) or intravenous magnesium sulphate for treatment of persistent pulmonary hypertension of newborns (PPHN).
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/drug therapy*; Hernia, Diaphragmatic/mortality*
  17. Sharifah H, Naidu A, Vimal K
    BJOG, 2003 Jul;110(7):701-3.
    PMID: 12842063
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/etiology*
  18. Liew SH
    Med J Malaysia, 1974 Jun;28(4):293-5.
    PMID: 4278975
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic/complications
  19. Siow SL, Wong CM, Hardin M, Sohail M
    J Med Case Rep, 2016 Jan 18;10:11.
    PMID: 26781191 DOI: 10.1186/s13256-015-0780-8
    Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture and traumatic abdominal wall hernia are two well-described but rare clinical entities associated with blunt thoracoabdominal injuries. To the best of our knowledge, the combination of these two clinical entities as a result of a motor vehicle accident has not been previously reported.
    Matched MeSH terms: Hernia, Diaphragmatic, Traumatic/radiography; Hernia, Diaphragmatic, Traumatic/surgery*
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