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  1. Adibah Aishah Md Sahak, Sakeenah Mohd Reza, Melor Md Yunus
    The higher learning institution especially private college is growing day by day with the variation of
    course especially for the culinary art students. Culinary Arts is one area in Technical Vocational
    Education and Training (TVET) where students need to adapt the real-world working as a chef besides
    fundamental subject matter knowledge, techniques and hands-on skills for cooking in order to survive
    in the industry. The course syllabus of culinary art is patterned to provide a stage for students who want
    to be a chef in the future. This study is looking forward to find the importance of internship in Kolej
    Yayasan Pelajaran Johor towards culinary art students. The internship is gradually enhancing the
    student knowledge, confidence level and performance which enable them to be more confident when
    coming back from internship. This positive indication and feedback may affect towards students,
    lecturers, private institutional itself and Ministry of Higher Education.
    MeSH terms: Cooking; Education, Special; Feedback; Industry; Internship and Residency; Students; Universities
  2. Nadiah Tasin
    Having many advantages that traditional shopping lack of, online shopping is now enjoying its
    predominance and rapid development in Malaysia. In many previous researches, focus has been found
    in the relationship between consumer trust and its antecedents. The objective of this study is to
    examine some factors affecting consumer trust in Malaysia as well as to investigate the relationship
    between trust and purchasing decision. A questionnaire was distributed among bank employees of
    CIMB Bank Berhad. Correlations and regressions were used in analyzing the data. This paper provides
    evidence that trust in online shopping is built on information quality, online consumer review and site
    quality. It also proves that trust contributes to the online purchasing decision.
    MeSH terms: Consumer Behavior; Malaysia; Surveys and Questionnaires; Research; Trust
  3. Abdul Wafi Abdul Rahman, Yusmady Md Junus, Melor Md Yunus
    The Open Market scenario provides high levels of unreliability to culinary arts graduates where they
    are no longer promised a place in the hospitality and tourism sectors but rather to compete with
    graduates from other fields for employment. Hence, the field of entrepreneurship is seen as an
    alternative in building a career that can help in reducing the dumping of graduates in the job market in
    line with the government's call encouraging more entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Therefore, this study is
    aimed at identifying the tendency to entrepreneurship among students of the final year semester of the Diploma in Culinary Arts, Hospitality School and Tourism Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran Johor
    (SHPKYPJ). Measurements for this study were based on surveys using questionnaire and data
    collected by Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS) Version 21.0. The results of the study
    found that overall respondents have a high inclination towards entrepreneurship. If they are more
    focused, encouragement and exposure are given to them, the probability that they become
    entrepreneurs after graduation will be higher.
    MeSH terms: Employment; Government; Malaysia; Occupations; Probability; Surveys and Questionnaires; Social Sciences; Students; Entrepreneurship
  4. Nur Ajrun Khalid, Rohana Yusof
    Information Communication Technology (ICT) is important to measure the development of the nation
    and the people. Malaysia as a democratic nation has to deliver equal services to the people without any
    boundaries and discrimination. Nowadays, knowledge of Information Communication Technology is
    crucial and become one of the measurement tools to maximize work and task. Failure to catch up ICT
    movement will cause digital divide, which is the phenomenon of gap exists between people who have
    access to ICT and who did not have access. This paper aims to determine the government initiative in
    terms of policy, law and regulations, infrastructure, support organization and training, whether it is
    appropriate or inappropriate with the needs of disabled people.
    MeSH terms: Communication; Government; Disabled Persons; Malaysia; Policy; Digital Divide
  5. Wan Baharudin Wan Mahmood, Khairuddin Idris, Bahaman Abu Samah, Zoharah Omar
    Employees support during the implementation of planned organizational changes is important to ensure
    successful change. Therefore, this study attempts to explain the phenomenon of behavioral support for
    change by integrating Lewin's Three Steps Model and Theory of Planned Behaviour. The literature
    review of planned organizational change models developed by previous researchers based on the Three
    Steps of Lewin Change Model was undertaken before the change model for this study was developed which involved three phases of change namely motivation to change, commitment to change, and
    behavioural support for change. Based on that model, the Theory of Planned Behaviour was used to
    explain the relationship between the variables where perceived benefits of change (attitude), supervisor
    support (subjective norms) and change self-efficacy (perceived behavioural control) was predicted to
    influence commitment to change (behavioral intention), which in turn affects individual behaviour to
    support change (behavior). Subsequently, this study proposes a conceptual model based on the latest
    literature to be implemented in depth empirical studies to test the proposed model.
    MeSH terms: Motivation; Organizational Innovation; Perception; Models, Organizational; Self Efficacy; Behavior Control; Intention
  6. Noorfadhila Zakaria, Zanariah Ismail
    Conflicts that occur due to overlap between work and family matters are important topics in today’s
    organizational context. Work-family conflict can be defined as a form of role conflict where the
    demands of work and family cannot be aligned in several ways. Some previous studies have mentioned
    that work-family conflicts negatively affect individuals such as emotional fatigue that ultimately lead
    to stress and disturb the psychological well-being. From that perspective, social support can help to
    reduce the stressful experience that is caused by work-family conflicts and improve the psychological
    There are two elements of social support originating from (1) work domain support; such
    as organization, supervisor and co-workers whereas, (2) non-work domain supports: can come from
    spouse, family members and friends. Thus, these two elements of social support seemed to be
    important elements to ease the burden of stressful experience among employees especially in workfamily
  7. Yasmin Yaccob, Mohd Ibrani Shahrimin Adam Assim
    At the youth stage, they psychologically have their own strength which later will contribute to their self
    potential. The Anugerah Remaja Perdana Rakan Muda (ARP) is a self development program which
    prepares the youth in facing the adolescent and adulthood challenges and finds their own potentials. As
    such, this study is to assess the youth’s social psychological construct which is the behaviour, as the
    self development element in the ARP based on the Theory of the Planned Behaviour as the study
    model. And, adapt the social psychology needs based on the youth potential development theory and
    model which is in line with the needs of the youth today. Previous studies that have been conducted support these findings. Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) has been widely used in various studies to
    predict the behaviour (Connere, Jones & Berg, 2010) in population include the youth (Baker
    & White, 2010). The antecedent of the planned behaviour study focused on the formation of
    attitudes in youth behaviour. This study has important implications to the theoretical, practical and
    policy towards youth potential development program.
  8. Zaki G, Issa A, Refaat A, Eid W, Abdel-Aziz AA
    J Egypt Public Health Assoc, 2017 06 01;92(2):128-136.
    PMID: 30184410 DOI: 10.21608/epx.2018.8950
    BACKGROUND: Kuwait State is branded by the recurrent dust storms and high pollution level. It has the highest dust concentration and surface temperature in Peninsula. The aim of the present study was to assess the respirable particulates during days with and without dust storms in two residential areas in Kuwait State.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: This time-series comparative study was accomplished during the period from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013. It was conducted by recording the local meteorological data in the two sampling stations at Mansoria (A) and Ali Sabah Al-Salem (B) residential areas, in addition to the sampling and analysis of respirable particulates (PM10) using the SOP-10 High-Volume PM10 Samplers' Standard Method.

    RESULTS: There were 256 and 278 measurement days (70.1 and 75.1% of the yearly days) in monitoring stations A and B, respectively, with a total of 119 (46.5%) and 134 (48.2%) days with dust storms, respectively. The daily concentrations of PM10 were higher than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards of Kuwait State (150 μg/m3) at the two stations. The annual PM10 concentration of B station [192.5 (264.5) μg/m3] was nonsignificantly higher than that of A [191.2 (182.7) μg/m3]. At the two stations, the levels of PM10 during days with dust storms were significantly higher than that during days without.

    CONCLUSION: Respirable particulate is slightly higher in Ali Sabah Al-Salem than in Mansoria. Days with dust storms have significantly greater PM10 levels than those without. The study recommends application of land-use planning, and windbreaks, combating desertification, and enhancing stoppage of outdoor activities during dust storms among public.

    MeSH terms: Air Pollutants/analysis*; Air Pollution/analysis*; Dust/analysis*; Environmental Monitoring/methods*; Humans; Kuwait; Particle Size; Urban Population/statistics & numerical data; Weather; Particulate Matter/analysis*
  9. Askiah Jamaluddin, Laily Paim, Ma'rof Redzuan, Husniyah Abd. Rahim
    The purpose of this paper is to identify the key domains of entrepreneurial behaviour among business
    owner in food processing industry. The study utilized a deductive research design and quantitative
    method. There are twenty-one statements about entrepreneurial behaviour to discover a core action
    associated with entrepreneurial behaviour. An entrepreneurial behaviour is defined as small family
    business strategic behaviour that captures specific entrepreneurial aspects (Walker and Brown, 2004).
    In additions, it is the actions taken by the small business owner to achieve business performance
    (Delmar, 1996). According to Kirkley (2015), entrepreneurial behaviour as self determined human
    action is based on a specific set of values which the individual uses to make decisions about how to
    behave in situations that a meaningful to their business. The questionnaires focused primarily on the
    meaning of entrepreneurial behaviour as self-determination to be succeed in business. There were 70
    respondents were selected by simple random sampling. The data were analysed by Exploratory Factor
    Analysis (EFA) and categorised into relevant domains. The result shows four specific domains of
    entrepreneurial behaviour business owner in food processing industry, namely, leadership, proactiveness,
    committed and risk taking. The finding items to each of these domains are consistent with
    the small family business perspective. The practical implication is the presence of the specific core
    action associated with entrepreneurial behaviour. The business owner should employ the four core
    action to sustain the business. The result of this study is importance to academician in small business
    area, business advisor from government and non government sectors, and small family business owner.
    MeSH terms: Commerce; Factor Analysis, Statistical; Food-Processing Industry; Government; Humans; Leadership; Surveys and Questionnaires; Risk-Taking; Personal Autonomy; Small Business
  10. Nazrolnizah Mohamad Noorzeli, Muhammad Nubli Abdul Wahab
    The ability to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of small entrepreneurs is the key factor to the increase
    in business. Nevertheless, previous literature showed that there is less current study which focused on
    the methods to improve entrepreneurial skills using Biofeedback techniques among entrepreneurs in
    Malaysia. Thus, this study was aimed to: 1) Identifying the demographic background of small
    entrepreneurs, 2) Identify management capabilities among entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial skills and 3) Identify the profile of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) among small entrepreneurs through increased the
    HF coherence. A total of 50 respondents of small entrepreneurs were recruited in this study. The data
    collected involved a questionnaire survey with participants, profit and sales analysis and analysis of
    HRV. Statistical correlation analysis was used to examine the relationship between entrepreneurial
    skills and business insights from the point of HRV. The finding shows that there is a very strong
    relationship between the increases in entrepreneurial skills from an increase in business with the profile
    of HRV among participants with the score of 0.80-1.00. This showed that HRV Biofeedback training
    technique is appropriate to be used as an intervention program to increse entrepreneurship skills among
    small entrepreneurs in Malaysia.
    MeSH terms: Behavior Therapy; Biofeedback, Psychology; Commerce; Demography; Heart Rate; Malaysia; Surveys and Questionnaires; Entrepreneurship
  11. Md Jais Ismail
    This study is designed in qualitative form which focuses on musical coordination skill that is sing and
    clapping rhythm simultaneously in meter . The researcher used one of music teaching method which
    is Dalcroze Approach as an intervention in this study. Dalcroze Approach is a method which relates
    musical concepts with movement. Research sample is among Year 4 students aged 10 years old from
    different sex and race. Data have been collected through observation and interview. A comprehension
    exam is conducted as a supplementary data collection. Findings show the students have achieved good
    result in music coordination skill after the implementation of the Dalcroze Approach. Observation
    revealed that all the students have increase their coordination skill in singing and clapping the rhythm simultaneously. Interview which is conducted on students found 60 percent of them are very confident
    to do the skill as well. The result of comprehension exam shows 73 percent of students score A which
    can be described as excellent. Researcher wish to have further study in developing the music
    coordination skill by improving the intervention of the study.
    MeSH terms: Data Collection; Movement; Music; Periodicity; Students; Comprehension; Singing
  12. Ab Aziz Yusof, Mutiara Dwi Sari
    People are the main source in determining the glory of any country or organization. Therefore people
    are the most precious capital of a country or organization and referred to as human capital. In any
    organization, manager plays important role among available human capital. Manager actions will shape
    the management of the organization and will lead the organization to achieve its goals. For Islamic
    organization, implementation of Human Capital Development (PMI) based on a Western perspective, will considered as a less appropriate approach. This paper aims to develop a conceptual model of PMI
    from an Islamic perspective. Furthermore, this paper aims to provide useful insights for managers or
    policy makers in understanding how to do Islamization in their organization and what needs to be done
    to ensure successful process of Islamization. This study will fill the gap of knowledge on PMI based
    Islamic perspective which consider quite limited. Qualitative method using existing available literature
    through content analysis was used in this study. The study showed that PMI based Islamic perspective
    should be encompass by both physical and spiritual (mind and emotions) aspects. The development of
    both aspects will able to generate taqwa human capital which characterized by amar ma’ruf nahi
    mungkar, has a clear mission, tawazun, sakinah, moral dignity and mutual cooperation. As conclusion,
    PMI based Islamic perspective will have implications for the training conducted in organizations which
    should not only focus on the physical aspect, but also need to focus on the spiritual aspect.
  13. Moga Dass, Thinagaran, Mohamad Fazli Sabri
    The main purpose of this study is to understand the financial status of urban poor community in Kuala
    Lumpur and factors affecting their personal well-being. The sampling size of this research is 1,064
    respondents chosen by using systematic sampling method. The data was obtained by using selfadministered
    questionnaires and the data being analysed by descriptive analysis meanwhile and multi
    regression analysis. The results shows that the urban poor community in Kuala Lumpur are having a
    moderate level of financial literacy possess a less effective financial behaviour, experiencing a high
    financial strain and adapting a moderate level of personal well-being. Besides that, the results also
    indicates that the financial literacy has no influence on personal well-being of the urban poor
    community, meanwhile financial behaviour has a positive influence and financial strain has a negative
    influence on the personal well-being of the urban poor community. The findings of the study suggest
    the government and non-government organisation such as Economic Planning Unit ((EPU), Kuala
    Lumpur City Hall (KLCH or DBKL), Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM), Credit Counselling and Debt
    Management Agency (CCDM or AKPK), Federation of Consumer Association (FOMCA) to make an
    inclusive effort and approach to improve the personal well-being of the urban poor. By understanding
    more about the financial status of the urban poor community, it is hoped to help them to become
    financial prudence and in the long-run could lead them into a good decision making while facing
    conflicts in financial issues and maintain a good quality of life. It is important to ensure the urban poor
    consumers have better financial management skills which lead them to make the right decision in order
    to enhance their personal well-being.
    MeSH terms: Literacy; Cities; Counseling; Decision Making; Financial Management; Government; Malaysia; Quality of Life; Surveys and Questionnaires; Regression Analysis
  14. Mohamad Izzuan Mohd Ishar, Mohd Khata Jabor
    Entrepreneurship showed an increase in the popularity of business education, engineering education,
    universities and educational institutions. All students who engage in entrepreneurial education has the
    potential to develop their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. However, the majority of
    entrepreneurial education program focused on the exploitation of existing opportunities and assume
    that these opportunities have been identified. Research on entrepreneurship also shows that efficiency
    is often ignored or receive little attention while teaching entrepreneurship. This article was developed
    to assist in improving the understanding of the concept of learning which supports entrepreneurship
    and the development of entrepreneurial competence.
    MeSH terms: Attention; Learning; Research; Schools; Students; Universities; Entrepreneurship
  15. Ali Garba Kolo, Wan Munira Wan Jaafar, Nobaya Ahmad
    This paper examined the influence of psychosocial factors on student’s academic performance. Selfadministered
    questionnaire was applied as the method of data collection and a sample of 339 students’
    from five faculties/schools in Potiskum College were chosen based on stratified and simple random
    sampling techniques to complete the survey. After analyzing the data collected, Person’s correlation
    coefficient reflected that, there was a positive and significant correlation between the all four variables:
    students’ attitudes towards lecturers, academic self-efficacy, students’-lecturers’ interaction and
    academic performance. Moreover, multiple regression analysis by using stepwise method was
    conducted to estimate the prediction power of the independent variables on the dependent variable. The
    finding indicated that only attitude and interaction could significantly predict students’ academic
    performance by R2=65.6%. Meaning academic self-efficacy failed to predict academic performance in
    present study. To conclude in this study, attitude and interaction are important factors in influencing
    students’ academic performance positively in Potiskum College of education, Nigeria.
  16. Samia Amin, Sayed Mahmud Saiful Amin
    Meta-analysis is a subset of systematic review; a technique for systematically combining pertinent qualitative
    and quantitative study data from numerous selected studies to broaden a single conclusion that has more
    statistical power. This inference is statistically stronger than the analysis of any single study, due to increase
    numbers of topics, greater variety amongst subjects, or collected effects and outcomes. The aim of this review
    article is to highlight the definition, history, purpose, characteristics, use, advantage, disadvantage, validity,
    and steps in conducting meta-analysis.
    MeSH terms: Agriculture; Biometry
  17. Regidor-111 Dioso, Mohamed Janoof, Ahamed Lebbe Safrin Jeezan
    This study identied factors that contributed to the effectiveness of antihypertensive drugs and investigated the
    most effective antihypertensive drug in controlling blood pressure. The purposive sampling technique was
    used in this quasi-experimental design to enroll study participants. Of the 120 hypertensive patients following
    consultations at a district hospital of Oluvil, only 100 complied with the experiment. Following medical checkup,
    it was investigated that hypertension were controlled within 3 months affected by age, and gender. Gender,
    more probable were women, was primarily identied as a factor (p=0.002657); and age bracket of 30-40 years
    old was also identied as a factor to had helped control blood pressure (p=0.002107). Hypertensive drugs such
    as Calcium Channel Blockers (p=0.0008712), Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist (p=0.03983), and
    Angiotensin Converting Enzymes Inhibitors (p=0.04719) at normal dosages controlled blood pressures
    among Sri Lankan hypertensive patients.
  18. Atrah AB, Ab-Rahman MS, Salleh H, Nuawi MZ, Mohd Nor MJ, Jamaludin NB
    Micromachines (Basel), 2017 Jul 21;8(7).
    PMID: 30400418 DOI: 10.3390/mi8070227
    This study presents the creation of a Karman vortex for a fluttering electromagnetic energy harvester device using a cylinder. The effects of two parameters, which are the diameter and the position of the cylinder, were investigated on the Karman vortex profile and the amplitude of the fluttering belt, respectively. A simulation was conducted to determine the effect of the creation of the Karman vortex, and an experiment was performed to identify influence of the position of the cylinder on the fluttering belt amplitude. The results demonstrated that vortex-induced vibration occurred at the frequency of the first natural mode for the belt at 3 cm and 10 cm for the diameter and position of the cylinder, respectively. Under such configuration, an electromagnetic energy harvester was attached and vibrated via the fluttering belt inside the turbulent boundary layers. This vibration provides a measured output voltage and can be used in wireless sensors.
    MeSH terms: Arrhythmias, Cardiac; Equipment Design; Humans; Vibration; Physical Therapy Modalities; Electromagnetic Radiation
  19. Basha IHK, Ho ETW, Yousuff CM, Hamid NHB
    Micromachines (Basel), 2017 Aug 30;8(9).
    PMID: 30400456 DOI: 10.3390/mi8090266
    Highly sensitive and specific pathogen diagnosis is essential for correct and timely treatment of infectious diseases, especially virulent strains, in people. Point-of-care pathogen diagnosis can be a tremendous help in managing disease outbreaks as well as in routine healthcare settings. Infectious pathogens can be identified with high specificity using molecular methods. A plethora of microfluidic innovations in recent years have now made it increasingly feasible to develop portable, robust, accurate, and sensitive genomic diagnostic devices for deployment at the point of care. However, improving processing time, multiplexed detection, sensitivity and limit of detection, specificity, and ease of deployment in resource-limited settings are ongoing challenges. This review outlines recent techniques in microfluidic genomic diagnosis and devices with a focus on integrating them into a lab on a chip that will lead towards the development of multiplexed point-of-care devices of high sensitivity and specificity.
    MeSH terms: Communicable Diseases; Disease Outbreaks; Health Resources; Point-of-Care Systems; Genomics; Microfluidics; Lab-On-A-Chip Devices; Limit of Detection
  20. Rajalingam S, Sakthiswary R, Hussein H
    Arch Rheumatol, 2017 Mar;32(1):15-20.
    PMID: 30375543 DOI: 10.5606/ArchRheumatol.2017.5960
    Objectives: This study aims to determine the predictors of poor sleep quality in rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    Patients and methods: This was a monocentric, cross sectional, case-control study which was conducted at the Putrajaya Hospital, Malaysia. We recruited 46 patients with RA (3 males; 43 females; mean age 48.15±14.96) and 46 age and sex-matched healthy controls (3 males; 43 females; mean age 47.11±12.22). RA patients were assessed for their disease activity based on disease activity score in 28 joints, disease damage based on radiographic erosions, and functional status based on Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) scores were determined by interviewing all the subjects. Subjects with RA were further subdivided based on their PSQI scores as "good sleepers" with PSQI scores of <5 and "poor sleepers" with PSQI scores of ≥5.

    Results: The percentage of poor sleepers was significantly higher among RA patients (47.83% versus 9.57%). Median scores of 5 out of 7 components of the PSQI were higher among RA patients compared to controls. Among poor sleepers with RA, a significantly higher proportion tested positive for anti-citrullinated cyclic peptide autoantibodies (p=0.037). Besides, poor sleepers had significantly higher median Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index (p=0.017) than good sleepers. However, both Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index (p=0.968) and anti-citrullinated cyclic peptide (p=0.431) were insignificant when entered in the equation of a logistic regression model.

    Conclusion: The findings of this study demonstrate a link between functional disability, anti-citrullinated cyclic peptide antibodies, and sleep quality in RA.

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