Med J Malaysia, 2008 Dec;63(5):417-8.
PMID: 19803306 MyJurnal


Patients with multiple malignant primary tumours are often described, based on their chronology of presentation, as simultaneous, synchronous or metachronous tumours. Lung malignancies presenting in association with head and neck tumours are well documented while there have been small series of thyroid synchronous cancers presenting with laryngeal lesions in literature. No cases, to our knowledge, have been reported in literature of a single patient with all three laryngeal, lung and thyroid malignancies. We report one such case of a 71-year-old Chinese man who had undergone a total laryngectomy for a recurrent cancer of the larynx only to be found to have tumours of the lung and thyroid in the post-operative period and he eventually died of post-operative complications. We also discuss screening for lung and thyroid malignancies in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

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