Efficacy of some Malaysian herbal aqueous extracts, BHA/BHT (synthetic antioxidants) and ascorbic acid in retarding oxidative rancidity was tested with cakes. The development of lipid oxidation products during 15 days at room temperature was evaluated by means of Peroxide Value (PV) and Thiobarbituric acidreactive substances (TBARS) value. The six formulations consists of control sample (cake without addition of antioxidant) (F1), cake added with curry leaves extract (F2), cake incorporated with kesum leaves extract (F3), cake added with tenggek burung leaves extract (F4), cake incorporated with ascorbic acid (F5) and cake added with BHA/BHT (F6). Formulation with the incorporation of tenggek burung leaves extract showed powerful oxidative stability effect compared to the formulations with othe plant extracts and control sample. However, cakes with BHA/BHT showed the strongest oxidative stability throughout the storage period. Therefore, it is suggested that tenggek burung leaves extract can be added into the food system for effectiveness as antioxidant to prolong the shelf life of the product.