• 1 Universiti Putra Malaysia


Poor diagnosis, treatment and prevention practices had characterised Patent Medicine Vendor (PMV) activities in malaria control despite expectations on their contributions to check the menace. Interventions reversing this situation reduces disease burden and legitimise PMV inclusion in basic healthcare delivery. This study seeks to identify and review studies addressing this priority problem. Steps outlined in PRISMA guidelines were adopted to search and conduct reviews via electronic databases. Randomized trials with intervention effects on PMVs were considered and thirteen articles were ultimately reviewed and narratively evaluated. Analysis of search outputs identified intervention types, methods used, sample sizes, intervention periods, knowledge, attitude and practice variables, other outcomes and listing of priority systematic review topics, using pre-determined criteria. All reviewed studies were found to be effective despite adopting different intervention approaches. Furthermore, identifying and prioritizing reviews greatly improves future malaria interventions and results thereof, thereby maximising opportunities to deliver appropriate and evidence-based healthcare.