• 1 National University of Malaysia


Introduction: Obesity is a global epidemic with major healthcare implications and costs. The availability of Smart-phone app as a new technological innovation developed is increasing rapidly. This new technological innovation can have a huge potential for interventions to help weight loss and combat obesity. To perform a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies to compare the effectiveness of Smartphone apps compared with other methods to promote weight loss and obesity. Methods: We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of relevant studies identified by a search of independently screened studies for inclusion criteria and extracted data. We included arti-cles that assessed any (Smartphone/Mobile phone app intervention with anthropometric measurement like weight/BMI, waist circumference), adult or children population then exclude articles in which the primary outcome is not weight/BMI/Waist circumference, non-original articles (Reviews, Editorials, Non-research letters), case reports or case series, non RCT study design, participant with co-morbidities or condition like pregnancy and Intervention using SMS or any text messaging. Results: We included 7 articles in this systematic review and meta-analysis. This me-ta-analysis shows that smartphone app interventions compared with conventional or other interventions is non-sig-nificant decreases in body weight, with the pooled estimates of the net change in body weight being -1.62 kg (95% CI –3.61 to 0.36; I2 = 93%). Pooled results indicated a non-significant net difference in BMI between smart phone app and control intervention groups (WMD 0.26 kg/m2, 95% CI -0.83 to 1.34; I2 = 68%). For waist circumference, there is non-significant net difference in BMI between smart phone app and control intervention groups (WMD -5.2 cm 95% CI --0.15 to 4.60; I2 = 93%). Conclusion: Smartphone apps intervention alone is not producing substantial evidence of weight loss despite there might be effective for certain groups. However, there are still explorable pros-pect on the use of smartphone app in combination of other approach to assist and promote weight loss as the use of smartphone are proven to influence health related behavioural modification.