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Exercise is an important practice in leading a healthy lifestyle. However, recently the percentage of
Malaysians who practice healthy lifestyle has decreased and the rate of overweight or obesity isincreasing.
This study aims to explore the knowledge, attitudes and practices of exercise among nursing college
students. Questionnaires were used as a research instrument and distributed to Kuala Terengganu Nursing
Collage students consisting of 281 students, ranging from year 1 to year 3 in semester II. Data collection
was carried out within two weeks. The results of this study showed that almost 66.9% of trainees chose
aerobic exercise as their favorite exercise. This form of exercise is good for strength and durability of the
cardiovascular. Almost 90.4% of them did exercises together with their friends. From the results, their
coach had a relatively good level of knowledge about exercise. The majority of students have a positive
attitude towards exercise. There is a relationship between knowledge and their value of exercise. Age is
correlated with knowledge, meaning that the older the person the more knowledgeable they are on the
benefits of exercise. Age and semester of study showed moderate correlation of 0.525 with awareness of
exercises to increase stamina and strength of the body's defenses.