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Homeownership affordability is not only the ability of households to pay the housing cost. But homeownership affordability is also involving the ability of households to pay housing costs as well as to maintain the basic needs in the continuity of life. Thus, affordability aspect is important in home ownership. Meanwhile, home ownership is the biggest decision for a household in a term. The combination of affordability and homeownership led to research on factors that affect the affordability of homeownership, especially in terms of socio-economic households inclusively. Socio-economic factors as discussed include income, household expenditures, job type, education level, number of dependents, monthly housing loan and financial savings. Each factor plays the role of its own to ensure the affordability level of homeownership. In fact, the factors that affect the homeownership affordability is different between households. Analysis of the socio-economic factors is necessary because homeownership affordability issues impact the quality life of mankind.