Sains Malaysiana, 2014;43:1503-1508.


Sufficient intakes of functional foods containing significant amount of dietary fibre in daily diet are beneficial to human health especially in preventing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In this study, young corn powder (YCP) was added into Malaysian star cake (Baulu Cermai) to replace wheat flour (WF) partially at the formulations of 5, 10 and 15%. Baulu Cermai with 100% WF and 0% YCP was used as the control. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of YCP addition on the nutritional composition, textural properties and sensory attributes of Baulu Cermai. The results showed that the mean values of moisture, ash, fat and protein content of Baulu Cermai increased in line with the levels of YCP incorporation. In addition, the total dietary fibre (TDF) content was increased proportionally with the increasing levels of YCP added into Baulu Cermai. Addition of YCP did not show any predictable trend in all the textural properties of Baulu Cermai. Meanwhile, the aroma, chewiness and tenderness increased in parallel with the increasing percentages of YCP added in the formulated products. Baulu Cermai added with 10% of YCP showed the highest score of overall acceptance. Addition of YCP at 10% into Baulu Cermai increases moisture, ash, fat, protein and total dietary fibre content without significantly affecting the textural properties and the sensory attributes of Baulu Cermai. Addition of YCP at 5% to replace WF partially in Baulu Cermai resulted in slight improvement of TDF and fat but does not affected moisture, ash, protein content and acceptability of the consumers.