• 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre
Medicine & Health, 2018;13(2):133-144.


Gait and balance disorder are among the most common causes of falls in elderly and often lead to injury, disability and loss of independence. However, there might be a discrepancy between elderly’s perception of their own walking ability, balance, risk of fall with doctor’s evaluation. The aim of this study was to compare perception of the elderly’s walking ability, balance and risk of fall with clinical assessment. This cross sectional study was done in a Primary Care Clinic which involved elderly > 60 years using systematic random sampling. Participants completed a self-administered questionnaire comprising of sociodemographic data and question assessing their perception of ability of walking, balance and risk of fall. Actual clinical assessment was done using Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment. Most of the participants perceived they had good walking (84.4%) and balance ability (77%). A small proportion (11.5%) agreed that they are at risk of fall. There was a good agreement in walking ability (k: 0.702, p: