• 1 Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


This study aims to investigate the perception of Muslim travellers toward Halal lifestyle in South Korea. This study is significant due to a huge growth of Muslim tourists in South Korea over recent years. Statistics has shown an influx of Muslim tourists from Malaysia travelling to South Korea from year-to-year. Interviews were conducted to gain in-depth and comprehensive insights of Malaysian Muslims’ percipience on the Halal culture in South Korea. The questions were designed in the interview covers three issues, which include the pre-travel behaviour, extensity of information search, and travel decision. According to the interviews, most of the travellers spent their time conducting research, explicitly on Halal dietary matters before heading to South Korea. They also stated that it was quite hard finding places that serve Halal food. Therefore, we concluded that the Halal principle adoption in Korea influences the travel decision by most Muslim travellers.