Singapore Med J, 2008 Aug;49(8):e205-7.
PMID: 18756334


Post-traumatic severe patella infera and intra-articular adhesion may lead to a severe knee stiffness. We report a 29-year-old man, a muslim prayer leader, who had a previous knee injury. He presented with knee movement from ten degrees to 30 degrees, patellar infera with a length of patella to length of patellar tendon ratio of 2:5, and severe knee arthrofibrosis. He underwent incision of the patella ligament and open arthrofibrosis release, leaving a tendon gap and skin defect of 5 cm. Reconstruction was successfully done using a free vascularised composite tensor fascia lata flap. He regained full range of knee motion with normal strength quadriceps mechanism at five months after surgery, and remained in full function at 18 months follow-up.

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