• 1 University of Malaya
JUMMEC, 2009;12(2):70-73.


The exclusive breastfeeding rate in Malaysia is very low. However in recent years the awareness of breastfeeding among mothers has increased. A preliminary qualitative research was carried out on these motivated mothers. The objective of this study was to understand the challenges encountered by breastfeeding mothers and to explore the support and motivation received by them. Information from the motivated mothers was obtained from focus group discussion. Some obstacles faced by the mothers were lack of knowledge on breastfeeding and lack of support from health professionals, parents and siblings. Facilities to express breast milk while at work were not readily available. The main motivation to breastfeed came from the mother herself and support from the husband. A holistic approach must be used to help mothers to continue breastfeeding. This includes breastfeeding promotion and education, setting up more Baby Friendly Hospitals, availability of breastfeeding support groups and provision of enough breastfeeding facilities at work and public places.