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Malays Fam Physician, 2016;11(2-3):20-23.
PMID: 28461854 MyJurnal


INTRODUCTION: Heel pain is a common presentation at a primary care setting. The majority of these cases are benign and self limiting in nature. Common differential diagnoses include plantar fasciitis and peroneal muscle sprains. However, certain conditions-if undetected early-may cause significant morbidity to the patient. A high index of suspicion and early referral for further investigations are needed to prevent long-term morbidities.

METHODS: A clinical review of a patient with chronic left heel pain was performed. Blood parameters and imaging investigations indicated chronic infection of the calcaneum. Histopathological examination was highly suggestive of tuberculosis.

RESULT: The patient responded well to antituberculous therapy. She was pain free and showed no signs of recurrence at final follow-up.

CONCLUSION: Here, we report a case of chronic heel pain, which was later diagnosed as tuberculosis of the calcaneum and successfully treated with antituberculous therapy.

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