• 1 Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute


Synthetic fibers such as glass fiber and carbon fiber are traditionally used as reinforcement in engineering composites. The increasing of environmental concerns has led to the use of natural fibers as renewable alternatives reinforcement. Among them, coconut meat husk fiber which abundant availability can be used as reinforcement fiber. However, the coconut meat husk fiber, same as other natural fibers, has the issues of fiber/matrix bonding and moisture absorption. Chemical treatments are needed to modify the surface of fiber, aiming at improving the adhesion with polymer matrix and reducing the hydrophilicity of the fiber. Alkalization was used in this study to treat the coconut meat husk fiber. The effects of chemical treatments for 1hr and 24 hr treatment time on the coconut meat husk fibers reinforced composites were investigated. A result showed that the 24 hr alkali treatment gave the highest tensile stenght compared to the 1hr treatment and RO water.