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Introduction: Birth weight is the single most important factor which determines infant morbidity and
mortality. Birth weight of the newborn is believed to be influenced by several factors. Therefore, it is
important to understand the possible factors that influence birth weight.

Methodology: The respondents were 230 postnatal mothers who participated in this study. A selfadministered
questionnaire was used for interviewing the postnatal mothers. One Way Analysis of
Variance (ANOVA), Chi-square tests and the independent t-test were used. Statistically significant data
were those that had a p- value < 0.05.

Results: The mean birth weight was 3080.02±400.61g. The incidence of low birth weight (LBW) was
12.6%. By using One-Way ANOVAtest, the factors that were found to be significantly associated with birth
weight (p