• 1 Universiti Sains Malaysia


This study investigated the effects of 6 weeks combined circuit training programme and honey
supplementation on bone metabolism markers in young males. Forty male participants were divided into four
groups (n=10 per group): sedentary without honey supplementation control (C), sedentary with honey
supplementation (H), circuit training without honey supplementation (Ex), circuit training with honey
supplementation (HEx) groups. Circuit training was carried out one hour/session, 3 times/week. Participants in
H and HEx consumed 300 mLof honey drink containing 20g of Tualang honey for 7 days/week. Immediately
before and after six weeks of experimental period, blood samples were taken for measuring concentrations of
serum total calcium, serum alkaline phosphatase as bone formation marker and serum C-terminal telopeptide
of type 1 collagen (1CTP) as bone resorption marker. There was significantly (p