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  1. Chong MX, Khoo CD, Goh KH, Rahman F, Shoji Y
    J Oral Sci, 2016;58(3):361-3.
    PMID: 27665975 DOI: 10.2334/josnusd.15-0675
    This study compared bite force in adults older than 60 years with that of young adults. The participants were 20 healthy adults (9 men) older than 60 years (median age, 66 years) and 44 healthy young adults (22 men; age range, 18-25 years; median age, 22 years) at the International Medical University, Malaysia. All participants had at least 20 teeth, and bite force was measured and evaluated using the Dental Prescale system. Average (SD) bite force was 420.5 (242.0) N for the older adults and 541.4 (296.3) N for the young adults. Although mean bite force was higher for the young adults, the difference was not significant. These findings suggest that bite force is unaffected by age in adults with adequate dentition. (J Oral Sci 58, 361-363, 2016).
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  2. Kononenko N, Hnatiuk V
    Malays J Pathol, 2017 Apr;39(1):39-45.
    PMID: 28413204
    BACKGROUND: The relationship between the activity of the epiphysis and gonads in rats of different sex and age in different seasons of the year was determined by studying the levels of melatonin and testosterone in the blood plasma. Determination of the levels of melatonin and testosterone in the serum of rats was carried out by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. To assess the relationship between the levels of melatonin and testosterone the correlation coefficient was calculated. Based on the study of the levels of melatonin and testosterone in serum the circannual relationship between the activity of the pineal gland and gonads in males of reproductive age has been determined. In females, the relationship between the levels of melatonin and testosterone without the circannual dependence has been determined. The strongest correlation between melatonin and testosterone is present in males at the age of 9 months in autumn, and it corresponds to the human age of 29-30 years.
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  3. Ibrahim A, Singh DKA, Shahar S
    PLoS ONE, 2017;12(10):e0185641.
    PMID: 28972994 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0185641
    AIMS: The aim of this study was to establish 'Timed up and Go' test (TUG) normative data among community dwelling older adults stratified based on cognitive status, gender and age groups.

    METHODS: A total of 2084 community dwelling older adults from wave I and II were recruited through a multistage random sampling method. TUG was performed using the standard protocol and scores were then stratified based on with and without mild cognitive impairment (MCI), gender and in a 5-year age groups ranging from ages of 60's to 80's.

    RESULTS: 529(16%) participants were identified to have MCI. Past history of falls and medical history of hypertension, heart disease, joint pain, hearing and vision problem, and urinary incontinence were found to have influenced TUG performance. Cognitive status as a mediator, predicted TUG performance even when both gender and age were controlled for (B 0.24, 95% CI (0.02-0.47), β 0.03, t 2.10, p = 0.36). Further descriptive analysis showed, participants with MCI, women and older in age took a longer time to complete TUG, as compared to men with MCI across all age groups with exceptions for some age groups.

    CONCLUSION: These results suggested that MCI needs to be taken into consideration when testing older adults using TUG, besides age and gender factors. Data using fast speed TUG may be required among older adults with and without MCI for further understanding.

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  4. Hisham AN, Yip CH
    World J Surg, 2003 Aug;27(8):921-3.
    PMID: 12784146
    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Malaysian women. Nonetheless, in Malaysia there is a marked geographical difference in the incidence of breast cancer with advanced stage of presentation. The breast clinic in Kuala Lumpur Hospital diagnosed approximately 150 to 200 new cases of breast cancer a year. This number, however, represents only 12.0% to 15.0% of all breast disease seen annually in Kuala Lumpur Hospital. Between 1998 and 2001, of a total of 774 cases of newly diagnosed breast cancer in Kuala Lumpur Hospital, only 5.0% (40/774) were impalpable breast cancers. The peak age group for the three major ethnic distributions (Malay, Chinese, and Indian) ranged from 40 to 49 years. The mean tumor size at presentation was 5.4 cm (range: 1-20 cm), and the advanced stage of breast cancer is observed to be highest among the Malay ethnic group. Although it appears that the incidence of breast cancer in Malaysia is lower than in the developed countries, the difference may be attributable to the difficulty in getting accurate statistics and to underreporting of cases. Nonetheless, from the available data, it is clear that breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer among Malaysian women. The strongly negative social-cultural perception of the disease, made worse by the geographical isolation of many rural areas, accounts for the delayed diagnosis and the often advanced stage of disease at presentation. A prospective population-based study is called for to verify the demographic patterns of breast cancer, particular in Malaysia and other developing countries. The findings of such a study may have implications for future breast screening programs and for facilitating the understanding of differing risks of breast cancer among women around the world.
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  5. Teoh SK
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1979 Sep;34(1):57-9.
    PMID: 542154
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  6. Li H, Yang M, Chen Y, Zhu N, Lee CY, Wei JQ, et al.
    J. Econ. Entomol., 2015 Feb;108(1):266-73.
    PMID: 26470129 DOI: 10.1093/jee/tou005
    Laboratory rearing systems are useful models for studying Rhinotermitid behavior. Information on the biology of fungus-growing termites, however, is limited because of the difficulty of rearing colonies in the laboratory settings. The physical structure of termite nests makes it impossible to photograph or to observe colonies in the field. In this study, an artificial rearing system for field-collected colonies of the fungus-growing termite Odontotermes formosanus (Shiraki) was developed to facilitate observation in the laboratory. We recorded colony activity within the artificial rearing system and documented a variety of social behaviors that occurred throughout the food processing of the colony. This complex miniature ecosystem was cooperatively organized via division of labor in the foraging and processing of plant materials, and the observed patterns largely resembled the caste and age-based principles present in Macrotermes colonies. This work extends our insights into polyethism in the subfamily Macrotermitinae.
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  7. Ramzisham AR, Arief H, Ngoo KS, Zamrin DM, Joanna OS
    Clin Ter, 2011;162(6):553-4.
    PMID: 22262328
    Acute aortic dissection is a life-threatening condition, warranting prompt diagnosis and treatment. Management of which incorporates multidisciplinary expertise from the medical, surgical and intensive care. If left untreated, the mortality rate of acute aortic disease exceeds 50% within 48 hours and 80% within two weeks, with a 5-year survival rate of 19%. The most common cause of death in untreated acute aortic dissection, regardless of aetiology, is aortic rupture. We would like to share our successful experience of cases at the two extreme ages of acute aortic dissection. Literature review with their pathogenesis are discussed.
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  8. Ting HN, Chia SY, Manap HH, Ho AH, Tiu KY, Abdul Hamid B
    J Voice, 2012 Jul;26(4):425-30.
    PMID: 22243972 DOI: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2011.07.001
    The study is going to investigate the fundamental frequency (F(0)) and perturbation measures of sustained vowels in 360 native Malaysian Malay children aged between 7 and 12 years using acoustical analysis.
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  9. Ng CH, Nur-Aishah T
    Malays Fam Physician, 2009;4(2-3):66-70.
    PMID: 25606166 MyJurnal
    Breast cancer is becoming more important in Asia since it affect the younger age group. Question arises whether it is safe for breast lesions to be left in-situ if all the elements in triple assessment are benign. The aim of this study is to audit all the excision biopsies of breast lumps done in the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), to review the association of age with the type of pathological finding and to evaluate the rate of carcinoma in these biopsies.
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  10. Boey CC
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2005 Jul;60 Suppl B:90-3.
    PMID: 16108184
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  11. Phan TN, Lan NT, Nga NT
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2004 May;59 Suppl B:214-5.
    PMID: 15468894
    Natural rubber from hevea brasiliensis trees (Thailand, RRIM 600 clone) of different age (8, 20, and 35 years) were characterized by size exclusion chromatography coupled with online viscometry according to their distribution of molar mass and branching index at a temperature of 70 degrees C using cyclohexane as solvent. Washing with an aqueous solution of sodium dodecylsulfate and subsequent saponification purified the natural rubber samples. With this procedure physical branching points caused by phospholipids, proteins and hydrophobic terminal units, mainly fatty acids, of the natural rubber (cis-1,4-polyisoprene) molecule, could be removed leading to completely soluble polymer samples. All samples investigated possess a very broad (10 to 50,000 kg/mol) and distinct bimodal molar mass distribution. With increasing age the peak area in the low molar mass region decreases favoring the peak area in the high molar mass region. By plotting the branching index as a function of the both, the molar mass and the age of the trees.
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  12. Murai T, Mohamed M, Bernard H, Mahedi PA, Saburi R, Higashi S
    Primates, 2007 Apr;48(2):117-21.
    PMID: 16871366
    Successful or unsuccessful female transfers were observed seven times during a 32-month field study of proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) inhabiting a riverine forest along a tributary of the Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia. In all cases, the females voluntarily left their own groups and immediately joined with another one. When adult females tried to shift to other groups, adult males called them back to their own groups, but appeared to be indifferent to subadult females. When the adult females returned, the males never attacked the females physically, but instead often emitted herding sounds to them. One subadult female was repelled by a resident adult female. When one adult female transferred into a new one-male group, she left her behind son in an all-male group. The number of females often fluctuated in most study groups, with this fluctuation being more prominent among subadult females than adult females. It is likely that female transfer in proboscis monkeys is not a rare occurrence and that it is especially common among sub-adult females.
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  13. Harwant S
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2001 Mar;56(1):18-24.
    PMID: 11503291
    Sixty-five patients with congenital kyphosis and kyphoscoliosis who underwent spinal arthrodesis are reviewed to determine the factors that influenced the outcome of arthrodesis. Mean follow up after surgery was 6 years and 6 months with all patients having a minimum of 2 years follow up. A satisfactory outcome, or a stable arthrodesis was defined as a loss of correction of less than 10 degrees from the time of surgery till review. An unsatisfactory outcome, or unstable arthrodesis was considered when there was more than 10 degree loss. Type of vertebral anomaly and type of arthrodesis procedure were significantly influenced stability of arthrodesis, whereas age when arthrodesis was performed and size of curve at surgery were not significantly related to stability of arthrodesis.
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  14. Newaz MA, Adeeb NNN
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1998 Mar;53(1):70-5.
    PMID: 10968141
    Xanthine oxidase is a highly versatile enzyme which is widely distributed among various species. Though the presence of the enzyme in serum is not yet established, high antibody titre of this enzyme has been reported. Xanthine oxidase is thought to be the principal source of free radical generation via degradation of nucleotides to the end product, uric acid. The aim of this study was to detect xanthine oxidase activity in human plasma and report any significant relationships found between its activity and variables such as race, age and sex for the sample size studied. Forty six normal healthy individuals (14 males and 32 females) were studied. The enzyme activity was measured by a spectrophotometric method whereby the reduction of ferricytochrome c by free radicals was calculated and expressed as nmol O2 production/ml/min. Results obtained showed that there was a positive relationship between xanthine oxidase activity with age (r = 0.415, p < 0.05) and weight (r = 0.369, p < 0.05) in the normal individual. For the age group 30-39 yrs (n = 11), a higher enzyme activity was observed in males (2.71 +/- 1.44) as compared to females (2.34 +/- 1.23) but it was not significant (p = 0.53). For racial distribution, the Malays [M] have a higher enzyme activity (2.65 +/- 0.86, N = 32) than their Indian [I] (2.27 +/- 0.58; N = 7) and Chinese counterparts [C] (1.44 +/- 1.22; N = 7) but this was also not statistically significant (M vs I: p = 0.39; M vs C: p = 0.07; I vs C: p = 0.16). In conclusion this study showed that there is a measurable amount of xanthine oxidase activity in the human plasma.
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  15. Pillay B, Yap SK, Lim GL
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1992 Mar;47(1):38-43.
    PMID: 1387448
    Cytohormonal evaluation was done on the vaginal smears of 480 normal, asymptomatic, post-menopausal women whose ages ranged from 36 to 74 years. About 50% showed atrophic smears consistent with total oestrogen lack. 41% had mild to moderately proliferative smears compatible with sub-optimal oestrogen stimulus. 9% showed a highly proliferative pattern typical of unopposed oestrogen effect and in this group two women had atypical endometrial cells in their smears, which subsequently were found to come from an atypical endometrial hyperplasia and an endometrial adenocarcinoma-in-situ. The clinical relevance of cytohormonal studies in post-menopausal women is briefly discussed.
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  16. Edwards MD
    Trop Anim Health Prod, 1985 Nov;17(4):201-8.
    PMID: 4089967
    This paper examines the effect of age at first calving and milking system on the overall lactation performance and incidence of lactation failure of 442 F1 Bos indicus/Bos taurus dairy crossbreds in Sabah. The two types of crossbred used in the study were imported F1 Sahiwal x Friesian and locally bred Friesian x Local Indian Dairy. Heifers which did not lactate for at least 120 days or produced less than 20 kg of milk during the fourteenth week of lactation were considered to have failed to establish a lactation. The imported and locally bred heifers recorded failure rates of 23.4 and 21.4% respectively. Three milking systems were examined namely machine milking without calf, machine milking with calf and hand milking. They produced failure rates of 30, 12 and 5.6% respectively. The cows that passed recorded 120 day milk production figures of 878, 1,134 and 1,054 kg respectively. The three age groups of less than 30 months, 30 to 34 months and greater than 34 months recorded failure rates of 37, 22 and 10% respectively. The heifers machine milked without their calf which calved at less than 30 months of age recorded a failure rate of 44% while those which calved at greater than 34 months recorded a failure rate of only 17%.
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  17. Chin K, Singham KT, Masduki A
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1983 Jun;38(2):142-4.
    PMID: 6621444
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  18. Abdul Rahman A, Sivanesaratnam V, Nuruddin AA
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1982 Sep;37(3):276-80.
    PMID: 7177012
    An analysis of 86 patients sterilized laparoscopically with Hulka clips is presented. We find that the method is simple, acceptable and has minimal complication. The failure rate is similar to that reported by others. However, this method could be done under local anaesthesia thus shortening the hospital stay for the patients. This method has the advantage of safety and prospects for reversal when desired.
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  19. Yeoh OH
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1981 Mar;36(1):39-46.
    PMID: 7321937
    The characteristics of 74 patients who attempted suicide in Penang are described. Differences in the incidence and reasons for and methods of attempting were observed among the ethnic groups. There was a higher incidence in females and patients of single status. The majority of patients did not suffer from severe psychiatric disorders, but did encounter chronic inter-personal and intra-familial conflicts. Conflicts with elders were more frequent among female patients, and this finding suggested that young females were faced with a greater degree of role conflicts. Rural to urban shift among the Chinese patients was observed to be associated with a high incidence of attempts. Dwellers of high-rise flat complexes were not over-represented. In view of antecedent social factors, professionals and others besides psychiatrists have a role in the prevention and management of para-suicidal behaviours.
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