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  1. Yap GK
    Med J Aust, 1972 May 13;1(20):1056.
    PMID: 5056308
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  2. Omar Firdaus Mohd Said, Md Amin Md Taff, Ahmad Hashim, Jaffry Zakaria
    This study is fundamental in looking to validate the agreement of Self-Assesment Instrument of Outdoor Competency (OCL-oMR) among the Co-curriculum Center Coaches in Malaysia. The instrument are newly developed by the researcher . The Inventory Responses –oMR (IR-oMR) are purposely to evaluate and determine the goodness of self-assesement instrument of outdoor competency (OCL-oMR) among co-curriculum center coaches in Malaysia. By using the correlation & percentage, the analysis were used. N=10 of head coaches of co-curriculum Center were selected to be a sampels. These data is a secondary data that researcher used in the main research. But as a secondary data, its really important to researcher to identify and justify the newly instrument of self assesment of outdoor competency (OCL-oMR). Findings shown contents validity r=.82 were recorded and the language validity were shown r=.83. Meanwhile, anothers supporting data were used percentage of agreement of Inventory Responses –Omr (IR-oMR) toward the Self-Assesment Instrument of Outdoor Competency (OCL-oMR) among the Co-curriculum Center Coaches in Malaysia. Overall, from these findings, researcher found that’s the Inventory Responses – oMR (IR-oMR) shown that the Self-Assesment Instrument of Outdoor Competency (OCL-oMR) among the Co-curriculum Center Coaches in Malaysia are valid instrument to measure the competency level of outdoor education coaches in co-curriculum center in Malaysia and the Inventory Responses – oMR (IR-oMR) are significantly toward the outdoor competency (OCL-oMR).
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  3. Syarfadila Ezurida Shaari, Farihana A. Rahman, Che Susilawati Che Berahim
    This paper presents a simple Educational Kit based on the UNO Arduino platform. This prototype is intended for the Mechanical Engineering Department of Politeknik Mukah’s students. Its main aim is by using the developed prototype, the students’ basic knowledge on writing a simple Arduino program code will increase thus helping the students to fulfill their final year project theme. Along with the prototype, a ready written code will be provided, however, the students will be required to manipulate the said coding in setting the LED traffic light based on the given sequence. After using the suggested prototype, the percentage of students who were having difficulties in writing the Arduino program code student decreased by 65%.
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  4. Radhakrishnan, Ammu Kutty, Lee, Nagarajah, Young, Mei-Ling
    Background: Medical schools have long been concerned with establishing a suitable process of
    admission. The criteria used to select students have traditionally focussed on high academic achievement. Method: The International Medical University (IMU) accepts students from a wide range of pre-university entry qualifications for admission into the medical programme. The criteria for the various pre-university entry qualifications used by the IMU were agreed and accepted by the IMU Academic Council (AC), which consist of deans of the IMU’s partner medical schools (PMS). In this study, the various entry qualifications were first grouped into five categories based on the educational pedagogy. Then, this was aligned with the entry qualification data of all students who had been admitted into the IMU medical programme for the period of December 1993 to March 2000. During this period 1,281 students were enrolled into the IMU medical programme. The relationship between the five groups of pre-university entry qualifications and the students’ academic achievement in three end-ofsemester (EOS) examinations namely EOS 1, EOS 3, and EOS 5 were analysed. Results: Students with better grades in their preuniversity examinations showed better performance in their EOS examinations, regardless of the subjects that they took at the pre-university level. Cluster analysis revealed that students who came in with certain preuniversity qualifications generally performed poorly than the more conventional qualifications. However,
    after their first year in medical school, there were no significant differences in the clustering of the students. Conclusion: Students with better grades in their preuniversity examinations showed better performance in their EOS examinations, regardless of the science subjects that they took at the pre-university level.
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    This paper discusses methodological dilemma that arise in qualitative research, specifically in education field. It outlines the broad principles that underpin good qualitative research and the aspects of practice that qualitative researchers should consider when designing, conducting, and disseminating their research. Two primary methodological dilemma are (i) lack of objectivity, and (ii) issue of generalizability in qualitative research. The aim of this paper is to argue the dilemmas and encourage researchers to examine the relevance of qualitative issues to their own research. These dilemmas could be taken as important consideration for others who wish to conduct qualitative research in education.
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  6. Ch'ng ES, Othman NH
    Malays J Pathol, 2021 Apr;43(1):19-23.
    PMID: 33903301
    International Academy of Pathology, Malaysian Division has initiated and run the external quality assurance program for general diagnostic histopathology since the year 2017. This article introduces the educational philosophy of this external quality assurance program and the technicalities in running such a national program. Challenges in ensuring the successful running of this program to gain wide acceptance by histopathology laboratories in Malaysia as well as experience in overcoming these challenges are detailed. This article charts the future direction of this external quality assurance program.
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  7. Suhairullah Bin Omar Ramih, Ambrews Andau, Roslee Bin Talip, Muhamad Suhaimi Bin Taat
    This study looks at the impact on program management on social interaction in outdoor education programs at Sabah Co-Curriculum Center. This quantitative study uses questionnaire instruments. A total of 113 respondents were involved in the west coast of Sabah. The findings show that mean scores for program management and social interaction levels are high. While the correlation results showed a significant but modest positive relationship (r = 0.469 , k
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  8. Uthamaputhran L, Ahmad F, Hassan H, Jaganathan M
    Data Brief, 2021 Apr;35:106815.
    PMID: 33604431 DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2021.106815
    The study examined the relationship between environmental attitude, environmental subjective norm, environmental perceived behavioural control, and school headteachers' environmental responsive behaviour. The population of the study consists of primary school headteachers in the northern region of Malaysia who are attached to the Ministry of Education (MoE), Malaysia. An online survey was used to collect the data of the study from 167 sampled respondents. While Theory of planned behaviour underpinned the study, the researcher employed explanatory, descriptive, and hypothesis testing quantitative strategies to explain the relationship. Smart PLS 3.0 and SPSS 21 were equally used to analyse the data. The result of the data analysis revealed that environmental attitude, environmental subjective norm, and environmental perceived behavioural control significantly influence school headteachers' environmental responsive behaviour.
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  9. Ishak SA, Din R, Hasran UA
    J Med Internet Res, 2021 02 19;23(2):e20537.
    PMID: 33605885 DOI: 10.2196/20537
    In the modern age, digital games are widely used as informal media for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and medical therapy for game-based learning. Digital games provide learners with a graphical system of interaction that enhances scientific concepts within an enjoyable environment. The vastly increasing number of digital games produced in the market affects the quality of STEM digital games while requiring multidisciplinary expertise. This paper proposes a framework for STEM digital game-based learning encompassing input-process-output stages. Several studies from the early 2000s onward were reviewed to discuss and present a new perspective on a framework for the design and development of digital games, particularly for STEM. This proposed framework consists of digital game development as input, experience as a process, and constructs as output. This simple and precise framework will generate a universal product for various types of learners. It can thus be used as a guideline for game designers, developers, and experts to develop STEM digital games and achieve better learning outcomes.
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  10. Azizan CR, Roslan S, Abdullah MC, Asimiran S, Zaremohzzabieh Z, Ahrari S
    PMID: 34948990 DOI: 10.3390/ijerph182413381
    (1) This study investigates the influence of a person-environment-fit on academic achievement and examines mediating effects of adjustment and satisfaction on this relationship; (2) Methods: Data were collected from a sample of 195 hearing-impaired students from five polytechnics in Malaysia that offered the Special Skills Certificate program; (3) Results: Results revealed that the two constructs of the person-environment approach: personality-major fit and needs-supplies fit were positively associated with academic achievement. The adjustment was found to mediate this relationship. Taken together, these results signal that the person-environment constructs contribute to the academic achievement of hearing-impaired students and that adjustment is instrumental in elucidating this relationship; (4) Conclusions: The finding adds to the data, indicating that the person-environment-fit is a possible model of inclusion for hearing-impaired students and also provides initial data about the functioning of hearing-impaired students in Malaysian polytechnics.
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  11. Wan Chik WZ, Salamonson Y, Everett B, Ramjan LM, Attwood N, Weaver R, et al.
    Int Nurs Rev, 2012 Sep;59(3):387-93.
    PMID: 22897191 DOI: 10.1111/j.1466-7657.2012.00989.x
    To examine differences in academic performance between male and female nursing students, and to identify whether professional identity and language usage were explanatory factors of academic performance.
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  12. Lee K, Ng SF, Ng EL, Lim ZY
    J Exp Child Psychol, 2004 Oct;89(2):140-58.
    PMID: 15388303 DOI: 10.1016/j.jecp.2004.07.001
    Previous studies on individual differences in mathematical abilities have shown that working memory contributes to early arithmetic performance. In this study, we extended the investigation to algebraic word problem solving. A total of 151 10-year-olds were administered algebraic word problems and measures of working memory, intelligence quotient (IQ), and reading ability. Regression results were consistent with findings from the arithmetic literature showing that a literacy composite measure provided greater contribution than did executive function capacity. However, a series of path analyses showed that the overall contribution of executive function was comparable to that of literacy; the effect of executive function was mediated by that of literacy. Both the phonological loop and the visual spatial sketchpad failed to contribute directly; they contributed only indirectly by way of literacy and performance IQ, respectively.
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  13. Med J Malaysia, 1974 Dec;29(2):147-8.
    PMID: 4282404
    Matched MeSH terms: Educational Status
  14. Leng GA
    Med J Malaysia, 1974 Dec;29(2):145-6.
    PMID: 4282403
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  15. Phillips LH, Lawrie L, Schaefer A, Tan CY, Yong MH
    Front Psychol, 2021;12:631458.
    PMID: 33692728 DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.631458
    Planning ability is important in everyday functioning, and a key measure to assess the preparation and execution of plans is the Tower of London (ToL) task. Previous studies indicate that older adults are often less accurate than the young on the ToL and that there may be cultural differences in performance on the task. However, potential interactions between age and culture have not previously been explored. In the current study we examined the effects of age on ToL performance in an Asian culture (Malaysia) and a Western culture (British) (n = 191). We also explored whether working memory, age, education, and socioeconomic status explained variance in ToL performance across these two cultures. Results indicated that age effects on ToL performance were greater in the Malaysian sample. Subsequent moderated mediation analysis revealed differences between the two cultures (British vs Malaysians), in that the age-related variance in ToL accuracy was accounted for by WM capacity at low and medium education levels only in the Malaysian sample. Demographic variables could not explain additional variance in ToL speed or accuracy. These results may reflect cultural differences in the familiarity and cognitive load of carrying out complex planning tasks.
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  16. Nurzaimah Asalal, Haris Abd Wahab
    This study aimed to investigate the challenges faced by students enrolled in social work program in public universities in regard to fulfillment of education values and social work ethics. The study applied quantitative methods which involved 279 final year students who participated in social work program in Malaysian Public Universities. The findings showed that students who enrolled in this program did not face any challenges to fulfill the values education standards and social work ethics. However, the Chi Square result revealed that there is significant correlation (P ≤ 0.05) between the challenges faced by students and their ability to master the value and social work ethics. The study aspired to produce students who are able to master the values and work ethics standards during their study years. Students’ good command in value and social work ethics would help them to be prepared to face the real situations.
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  17. Koehn JZ, Quinn EL, Otten JJ, Allison EH, Anderson CM
    J Agric Food Syst Community Dev, 2020;10(1):171-189.
    PMID: 33996191 DOI: 10.5304/jafscd.2020.101.027
    Along the U.S. West Coast, sustainable management has rebuilt fish stocks, providing an opportunity to supply nutrient-rich food to adjacent coastal communities where food insecurity and diet-based diseases are common. However, the market has not successfully supplied locally sourced seafood to nutritionally vulnerable people. Rather, a few organizations make this connection on a limited scale. We used a "positive deviant" approach to learn how these organizations' efforts developed, how they overcame challenges, and what conditions enabled their interventions. We found that organizations in these positive deviant cases provided fish from a wide variety of species and sources, and distributed them through different channels to a diversity of end consumers. A key factor facilitating success was the ability to negotiate a price point that was both profitable and reasonable for organizations supplying nutritionally vulnerable or low-income consumers. Further-more, securing access to grants overcame initial costs of establishing new supply channels. All cases highlighted the importance of individual champions who encouraged development and cultural connections between the initiative and the nearby community. Organizations overcame key challenges by establishing regulations governing these new channels and either using partnerships or vertically integrating to reduce costs associated with processing and transport. Oftentimes training and education were also critical to instruct workers on how to process unfamiliar fish and to increase consumer awareness of local fish and how to prepare them. These lessons illuminate pathways to improve the contribution of local seafood to the healthy food system.
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  18. Alam Sher Malik, Rukhsana Hussain Malik
    Although the transformation towards adopting an Outcome-based Education (OBE) is gathering momentum globally, several medical schools are finding it hard to implement the change. Based and built on authors’ experience and cues from the literature, the tips – relating to the process of identification, description and dissemination of learning outcomes (LOs); usage of LOs to ascertain the curricular contents, the teaching/learning and assessment methods; implementing, monitoring and reviewing the curriculum – are the actions that the institutions of higher learning need to perform to transform the existing curriculum or to develop an altogether a new curriculum according to OBE approach. The development of the faculty through dialogues, discussions and training sessions should be an initial and essential step in this process. It is hoped that these tips will alley some of the fears and facilitate the adoption of OBE curriculum in new as well as in existing established institutions.
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  19. Malhotra A, Elnakib S
    J Adolesc Health, 2021 05;68(5):847-862.
    PMID: 33446401 DOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2020.11.017
    PURPOSE: This review assesses evaluations published from 2000 to 2019 to shed light on what approaches work, especially at scale and sustainably, to prevent child marriage in low- and middle-income countries.

    METHODS: We conducted a search of electronic databases and gray literature and evaluated the methodological quality and risk of bias of included studies.

    RESULTS: A total of 30 studies met the inclusion criteria. Interventions that support girls' schooling through cash or in-kind transfers show the clearest pattern of success in preventing child marriage, with 8 of 10 medium-high quality studies showing positive results. Although limited in number, five studies on favorable job markets and targeted life skills and livelihoods training show consistent positive results. Comparatively, asset or cash transfers conditional on delaying marriage show success only among two of four evaluations, and the three studies on unconditional cash transfers for poverty mitigation show no effect. Findings also show a low success rate for multicomponent interventions with positive results in only one of eight medium-high quality studies. Further, single component interventions were much more likely to be at scale and sustainable than multicomponent interventions.

    CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that enhancement of girls' own human capital and opportunities is the most compelling pathway to delaying marriage. In contrast, low rates of success, scale-up, and sustainability of multicomponent programs requires reconsideration of this approach.

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