J Trop Med Hyg, 1980 Dec;83(6):259-64.
PMID: 7003166


The status of P. falciparum resistance to chloroquine in Sabah, Malaysia were not know until 1971-1972. Several in-vivo and on in-vivo studies were conducted from 971-1975, and the result showed 51% out of total 57 cases studied were resistant to chloroquine. The latest in-vitro study (collaborative with WHO) started in July 1978, to continue till 1980, to cover the whole State. The preliminary result shows 65 cases (85%) out of a total 76 successful tests are resistant to chloroquine. On the basis of this preliminary result, the radical treatment for P. falciparum infection was changed from chloroquine to Fansidar from June 1979 throughout the State.

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