Ann Parasitol Hum Comp, 1975 Nov-Dec;50(6):795-812.
PMID: 818936


Morphological study of two Spirura parasites of the oesophageal and the gastric wall of Tupaia and Nycticebus in Malaysia. -- Spirura malayensis n. sp. is found both in Tupaia in the District of Selangor (West Malaysia) and in Nycticebus coucang in Borneo. Its very primitive characteristics relate it to S. diplocyphos Chabaud, Brygoo and Petter, 1965, parasite of lemurs from Madagascar. Its larval development was obtained experimentally in Blatella germanica. -- Spirura aurangabadensis (Ali and Lovekar, 1966) described from a microchiroptera in India is found in west Malaysia in a Nycticebus coucang, and in a Tupaia glis. -- The distribution of the different species and the comparative study of the larval and adult cephalic structures show that the genus Spirura arose and became diversified in the old world in very primitive hosts according to two main evolutive lines.

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