• 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Job satisfaction level of workers is among the important factors influencing the performance and productivity of an organization. A cross sectional study was conducted among Public Health Specialists in the Ministry of Health of Malaysia to identify their job satisfaction level and the factors influencing it. The respondents are from the Association of Public Health Specialists of Malaysia. A working in Ministry of Health. Focus group discussions were conducted in four states to develop a relevant and comprehensive questionnaire. Survey questionnaires were then mailed to the respondents. The response rate was 7 2.3%. In measuring the job satisfaction level seven aspects were studied. The study showed that ‘job and workload` is the main contributor to job dissatisfaction followed by ’management and policy aspect’, 'salary and remuneration: aspect’ and resources and facilities aspect. Most of the respondents (94.0%) were dissatisfied with their job. Gender and income were the predictors of general job satisfaction. As a conclusion, the management, policy and remuneration shouM be revised in order to overcome the problems identified and subsequently increase job satisfaction levels among Public Health Specialists in the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.