• 1 Ministry of Health


Corporate culture can simply be defined as “The way we do things around here". It comprise of assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs. Ministry of Health has started its culture building in 1991. Prior to this study, there have been two studies to evaluate its implementation. There were two types of respondents, where administered questionnaires were sent to all head of departments and all U3 medical ojjicers in public services in Malaysia, About 50% (n=126) of head of departments and only 18% (n=1321) of medical ojjicers responded. The study shows that at least 83% of head of departments perceived that the three core value of corporate culture has been implemented in their departments. However for rites and rituals, less than habf of them have implemented it. Singing of corporate song is done more in hospital as compared to health. As for medical officer, only 28% of them have received training on corporate culture. Among those who have received training, only a quarter understood the meaning of corporate culture. Doctors were also asked to give opinion on how to generate a caring doctor. About one-third suggested to reduce the workload of doctors. Apart from increasing manpower, workload can also be reduced by reengineering the system and upgrading the doctors’ competency.