Pineapple (Ananas comosus), Bromeliaceae family, is a fruit grows in tropical countries including Malaysia. This fruit has several pharmacological benefits due to the presence of high concentration of bromelain (cysteine proteases). Condition of elevated temperature will induce deformation of enzyme and result in loss of activity. Sulfhydryl groups in cysteine proteases are readily to be oxidized and might account for the denaturation of bromelain at elevated temperature. Polyphenol from ethanolic cashew leave extract could be complexed with bromelain to stabilize the enzymatic activity. In thermal stability test, the heat damage effect on bromelain was ten times reduced after complexing with cashew extract. The enzymatic activity of free bromelain decreased gradually from 25 o C to 95 o C. Complexed bromelain was stable in activity to heating up to 85 o C. Bromelainpolyphenol complex showed a good heat resistance. The result revealed that polyphenol could protect bromelain in pineapple juice from heat denaturation.