• 1 Klinik Kesihatan Ipoh (Outpatient Department, Hospital Ipoh), Perak, Malaysia
Med. J. Malaysia, 1999 Sep;54(3):329-37.
PMID: 11045059


Appropriateness of medical admissions from a Malaysian public primary care clinic (Outpatient Department, Hospital Ipoh) was assessed by two physicians using a modified appropriateness evaluation protocol. Of 122 admissions between 16/6/96 and 15/7/96, 107 records (88%) could be traced from the records office. Eighty percent (86/107) were found to be appropriate and 20% (21/107) inappropriate admissions. Inappropriate admissions included admissions to the wrong discipline and patients who could be investigated and stabilised as outpatients or could be referred to specialist clinics. Protocols, provisions for urgent referrals and medical updates for doctors are recommended.

Study site: Outpatient Department, Hospital Ipoh

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