• 1 Outpatient Department, Ipoh Hospital, Perak, Malaysia
Med. J. Malaysia, 1997 Mar;52(1):53-9.
PMID: 10968053


The Well Man & Well Woman's Clinic in Ipoh Hospital provides screening for coronary risk factors and early detection of cancer. This retrospective review of 1095 patients screened between April and December 1995 showed 48% had one or more coronary risk factors--1 risk (29%), 2 risks (14%), 3 or more risks (5%). Modifiable risks included hypertension (10%), obesity (9%), diabetes mellitus (8%) and smoking (7%). Sixteen abnormal Papanicolaou smears and six cancers (three cervical, two breast and one ovarian) were detected. Public response was good. There is a need for clinics offering comprehensive screening in Malaysian primary health care.

Study site: The Well Man & Well Woman's Clinic in Ipoh Hospital

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