PMID: 6151743


Studies on age groups within activity cycles, age composition and survivorship in natural populations of Mansonia in Kampung Pantai, Bengkoka Peninsula of Sabah state have been described. Early activity of 3-5 parous Ma. bonneae during the first hour after sunset was noted. Age composition of Ma. bonneae at forest shade, indoor and outdoor of house, comparative buffalo vs human bait outdoor in Kampung Pantai showed all round high parous rates ranging from 66.7 to 75.4%. Population 3-parous and older ranged from 18.8 to 26.7%. Nine of the 14 infective Ma. bonneae were 3-parous and this segment of the population was engaged in active transmission. High parous rates were observed in Ma. dives and Ma. uniformis taken in small numbers. Parous rates of Ma. bonneae taken in Kampung Delima and Kampung Taradas were also high. Estimates of daily survivorship of Ma. bonneae and Ma. dives determined by two methods were very high.

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