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A cross sectional study to measure the prevalence of domestic violence and the factors associated with it among women who seek treatment at Hospital Pontian Out Patient Department was carried out in September 1998 until April 1999. The study sample was chosen through systematic random sampling. A total of 370 women between 15 to 49 years were selected and the response rate was 100%. The Results show the one year prevalence rate of domestic violence was 16.8% and life- long prevalence of domestic violence was 35.1%. Studies shows significant difference between the prevalence of domestic violence by age, marital and working status, age at marriage, knowledge, attitude and action to be taken toward domestic violence. Percent of victim is higher among women less than 20 year old, single, still schooling, negative attitude and action towards abuse and less knowledge of place for seeking help. Factor that contribute significantly toward domestic violence among single women is the lack of positive action in dealing with violence and among married women are early marriage(<25 year), lack of positive action in dealing with violence and lack of moral support from husband and family.
Key words: prevalence of domestic violence, mangsa keganasan, associated factors, contributing factors
Study site: Outpatient clinic, Hospital Pontian, Johor, Malaysia