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  1. LAW GT
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1963 Sep;18:3-4.
    PMID: 14064296
    Matched MeSH terms: Heart Massage*
  2. Havránek F
    Cesk Gynekol, 1977 Aug;42(7):532.
    PMID: 890794
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/methods*
  3. Anuar HM, Fadzil F, Ahmad N, Abd Ghani N
    J Altern Complement Med, 2012 Jan;18(1):61-4.
    PMID: 22236030 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2010.0797
    Urut Melayu, the traditional Malay massage, had been introduced into three pioneer hospitals in Malaysia, as part of the integrated hospital program. It was introduced primarily for the rehabilitation of poststroke patients. After almost 3 years since it was first implemented, there are currently plans to extend it to other hospitals in the country. Information from this study will contribute toward a better future implementation plan.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage*
  4. Sambhi JS
    IPPF Med Bull, 1977 Feb;11(1):3.
    PMID: 873012
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
  5. Abilash K, Mohd Q, Ahmad Z, Towil B
    Malays Orthop J, 2017 Jul;11(2):75-77.
    PMID: 29021885 MyJurnal DOI: 10.5704/MOJ.1707.013
    Ankylosing spinal disorders (ASD) tend to result in fractures and/or dislocations after minor trauma because of the altered biomechanical properties. The relative risk of traumatic vertebral fractures in patients with ankylosing spondylitis has been estimated as three times higher than in the general population. These spine traumas, which are located at cervical level in 81% of patients with ankylosing spondylitis, are complicated by neurological lesions in 65% of patients, due to the high inherent instability of these fractures. Traditional massage is an ancient practice in many parts of Asia. It has many benefits that are currently recognized world-wide. However, it can be dangerous and even lethal if practised without adequate knowledge and skill. We report a case of C6-C7 fracture-dislocation with complete neurology and neurogenic shock in a middle aged man with undiagnosed ankylosing spondylitis.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
  6. Poh EP, Fariza NN, Mariam I
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2005 Aug;60(3):370-2.
    PMID: 16379196
    A 61-year-old Chinese man presented with bilateral posteriorly dislocated anterior chamber intraocular lenses (AC IOLs) one year after successful vitrectomy, removal of bilateral dislocated mature cataractous lenses and AC IOLs implantation. A thorough clinical evaluation revealed habitual eye rubbing as the only possible cause.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects*
  7. Ram SP, Kyaw K, Noor AR
    Trop Doct, 1994 Apr;24(2):81-2.
    PMID: 8009626
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects*
  8. Sahathevan R, Tan HJ, Abdullah S, Shahizon AM, Hamidon BB, Raymond AA
    Med. J. Malaysia, 2011 Dec;66(5):495-6.
    PMID: 22390109 MyJurnal
    We describe a case of tetraparesis in a 33-year-old woman following neck manipulation performed by a traditional confinement mid-wife. An MRI of the cervical spine revealed a fracture of the second cervical vertebra with atlanto-axial subluxation that resulted in cord compression.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects*
  9. Fadzil F, Anuar HM, Ismail S, Abd Ghani N, Ahmad N
    J Altern Complement Med, 2012 Apr;18(4):415-9.
    PMID: 22401300 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2010.0802
    The case of a 32-year-old Malay woman who developed postpartum stroke is reported.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage*
  10. Anuar HM, Fadzil F, Sallehuddin SM, Ahmad N, Abd Ghani N
    J Altern Complement Med, 2010 Nov;16(11):1201-5.
    PMID: 21058886 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2009.0592
    We conducted this study to gain an insight into the experiences and views of practitioners of urut Melayu, the traditional Malay massage, which will be used in developing a preliminary framework of the urut Melayu process.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/methods*
  11. Thambu JA
    Med J Malaya, 1971 Jun;25(4):293-4.
    PMID: 4261304
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects
  12. Gohar Rahman MN, McAll G, Koh GC
    Med. J. Malaysia, 1987 Mar;42(1):56-7.
    PMID: 3431504
    Perforation of the sigmoid colon is an occasional complication of blunt injury to the abdomen. We report three cases following abdominal massage (urut) by traditional healers (bomohs) in which no other underlying pathology was found.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects*
  13. Ling TH, Zakaria AF, Abdullah AT
    J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong), 2017 01;25(1):2309499017690459.
    PMID: 28228050 DOI: 10.1177/2309499017690459
    Neck manipulation is associated with spinal cord injury. However, occurrence of such cases is infrequent. This article presents a 33-year-old gentleman who sustained acute tetraplegia after neck manipulation. The aim of this case report is to create awareness that vigorous neck manipulation could cause injury to the spinal cord.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/adverse effects*
  14. Khor, C.C., Tan, T.L.
    Medicine & Health, 2018;13(1):227-231.
    Acupuncture is a form of complementary medicine that has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Adverse effect of acupuncture is rarely reported in local literature. This is a case of a patient who developed bilateral pneumothorax following an acupuncture session. A 63-year-old lady with no significant medical illness presented with sudden onset of shortness of breath half an hour following acupuncture and massage session by traditional medicine practitioner. On examination, she was tachypnoiec and there was reduced air entry bilaterally on lung auscultation. Urgent portable chest X-ray was done and it showed bilateral pneumothorax. Bilateral chest tubes were inserted. Patient was discharged well following five days of hospitalization. As acupuncture is gaining popularity among Malaysian population, medical practitioners need to increase their awareness and knowledge regarding the adverse effect of such alternative practice.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
  15. Hasan SS, See CK, Choong CL, Ahmed SI, Ahmadi K, Anwar M
    J Altern Complement Med, 2010 Nov;16(11):1171-6.
    PMID: 20973734 DOI: 10.1089/acm.2009.0657
    OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the pattern of use, reasons for use, and perceived effect of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), accompanied by identification and comparison of the factors that are potentially associated with CAM use.
    DESIGN: This cross-sectional study was carried out in 325 randomly sampled patients with human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), at HIV/AIDS referral clinics in the Hospital Sungai Buloh, Malaysia. Simple random sampling was used, where randomization was done using patients' medical record numbers.
    SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Semistructured face-to-face interviews were conducted using 38 questions pertaining to type, pattern, perceived efficacy, adverse effects, and influential factors associated with CAM use. In addition, CD4 count and viral load readings were recorded.
    RESULTS: Of 325 randomly sampled patients with HIV/AIDS, 254 of them were using some forms of CAM, resulting in a utilization rate of 78.2%. Vitamins and supplements (52.6%), herbal products (33.8%), and massage (16.6%) were the top three most frequently used CAM modalities. Sociodemographic factors including education level (p = 0.021, r(s) = 0.148), monthly income (p = 0.001, r(s) = 0.260), and family history of CAM use (p = 0.001, r(s) = 0.231) were significantly associated and positively correlated with CAM use. However, the majority of these patients (68%) did not disclose CAM use to health care professionals. About half of those who rated their health as good or very good perceived it as a result of CAM use.
    CONCLUSIONS: This study confirmed the range of 30%-100% CAM use among individuals infected with HIV/AIDS. Although, on the one hand some types of CAM reduced viral load and enhanced the immune system, on the other hand some forms of CAM produced a detrimental effect on the virological suppression, opening this platform to more research and investigation in order to optimize the use of CAM among patients with HIV/AIDS.
    Study site: HIV/AIDS clinic, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage/utilization
  16. Chen PC
    Trop Geogr Med, 1973 Jun;25(2):197-204.
    PMID: 4717277
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
  17. Nor Dalila Marican, Rozita Hod, Nadiah Wan-Arfah, Azmi Hassan
    Int J Public Health Res, 2018;8(1):933-938.
    Introduction Non-specific low back pain is one of the most common physical ailments
    affecting millions of people worldwide. This condition constitutes a
    significant public health problem and was listed as a prevalent health
    complaint in most societies. Even though there are many anecdotal claims
    for reflexology in the treatment of various conditions such as a migraine,
    arthritis and multiple sclerosis, but very little clinical evidence exists for
    reflexology on the management of low back pain per se. This study aims to
    evaluate the effects of foot reflexology therapy as an adjunctive treatment to
    the Malaysian low back pain standard care in relieving pain and promoting
    health-related quality of life among people with non-specific low back pain.
    Methods This is a parallel randomized controlled trial with pre and post-treatment
    study design. The study setting for the intervention located at Penawar
    Reflexology Center, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. A total of 100
    participants with non-specific low back pain will be allocated to one of two
    groups, using a randomization computer program of Research Randomizer.
    The control group will receive low back pain standard care, while the
    intervention group will receive standard care plus eight sessions of foot
    reflexology therapy. The pain intensity and health-related quality of life
    scores will be measured using Visual Analogue Scale and Euro-quality of
    life scale respectively in both groups. The study was approved by the
    Human Research Ethics Committee of University Sultan Zainal Abidin
    (UHREC/2016/2/011). The study protocol was registered at
    ClinicalTrials.gov, with the ID number of NCT02887430.
    Measurements Outcome measures will be undertaken at pre-intervention (week 1), postintervention
    (week 6) and follow-up (week 10).
    Conclusions This will be the first trial to compare the foot reflexology therapy with
    control group among people who medically diagnosed with non-specific low
    back pain in Malaysia. The result of this study will contribute to better
    management of this population, especially for Malaysia healthcare setting.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
  18. Muniandy RK, Sinnathamby V
    BMJ Case Rep, 2012;2012.
    PMID: 22922924 DOI: 10.1136/bcr-2012-006562
    A 16-month-old child developed a brief generalised tonic-clonic fitting episode and vomiting at home, after accidental ingestion of traditional massage oil. As the patient presented with clinical features of salicylate toxicity, appropriate management was instituted. He was admitted to the intensive care unit for multiorgan support. The child was discharged well 1 week after the incident. Methyl-salicylate is a common component of massage oils which are used for topical treatment of joint and muscular pains. However, these massage oils may be toxic when taken orally. Early recognition of the salicylate toxicity is very important in producing a good patient outcome.
    Matched MeSH terms: Massage
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